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06/09/14 - Trip to the Kennedy Space Center with Suz for a full tour, lunch with an Astronaut, and Atlantis!

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id: 39989
Driving past the airport on the way to KSC
id: 39990
Kennedy Space Center!
id: 39991
id: 39992
We're here!
id: 39993
So excited
id: 39994
Since I was last here they stood the ET/SRB stack up vertically. It's so tall!
id: 39995
Sunglass selfie
id: 39996
id: 39997
Yaaay NASA
id: 39998
We got here a little early.. the gates weren't open yet
id: 39999
They won't let us in!
id: 40000
Suz is ready to go to space
id: 40001
Close and lock your visors!
id: 40002
Hey I know those two
id: 40003
Suz loves commercial crew
id: 40004
Me and Dream Chaser are buddies
id: 40005
Suz was impressed by the shuttle stack
id: 40006
Looking up at the stack, so tall!
id: 40007
Suz provided for scale
id: 40008
External tank!
id: 40009
Suz snaps her own picture
id: 40010
A KSC photographer took our picture with Atlantis
id: 40011
Hello Atlantis!
id: 40012
I've seen Endeavour launch, Discovery at the Smithsonian (and in orbit), and now Atlantis. So I've seen all remaining space shuttles!
id: 40013
Suz poses next to the guy who answered a bunch of our questions. He worked on the shuttles for much of the program!
id: 40014
It's a gorgeous spacecraft
id: 40015
Umbilical connections near the aft of the vehicle
id: 40016
Looking up along the payload bay doors. Incredible
id: 40017
There were a bunch of random little exhibits in the area
id: 40018
Suz was nervous about standing behind the main engines
id: 40019
You may, or more likely may not, recognize this as the SSME from the observation gantry when I visited in 2011 for STS-134!
id: 40020
I wasn't the only one taking pictures
id: 40021
Suz is the Commander! How appropriate
id: 40022
I had to settle for pilot
id: 40023
RTLS abort mode? Scaaary
id: 40024
It was awesome getting to be so close to Atlantis in the on-orbit configuration
id: 40025
Suz tries her hand one of the Kinect-based EVA games
id: 40026
My turn
id: 40027
Yaay, look at me go
id: 40028
Suz had some trouble with the Kinect
id: 40029
Space tools!
id: 40030
A mockup of the Hubble. The Hubble is HUGE
id: 40031
Every time I turned around to take a look I just wanted to spend all day staring at it
id: 40032
Close up of the cockpit and lettering
id: 40033
An MMU above us!
id: 40034
The OMS pods look so worn out
id: 40035
Looking up at the RMS end effector
id: 40036
The RCS thrusters look a lot bigger up close
id: 40037
Closeup of the connections on the side
id: 40038
This emblem has been to some interesting places
id: 40039
Looking up at the crew cabin
id: 40040
The incredible thermal protection system
id: 40041
Suz does her best to pretend to be floating
id: 40042
Suz was scared to crawl across the tube because it was see through and like 50 feet in the air
id: 40043
This big slide is supposed to be a shuttle reentry simulator? Or.. just a fun slide
id: 40044
This is the tube Suz was crossing
id: 40045
Suz did the slide again so I could take a picture. Wheee
id: 40046
Looking along Atlantis' left wing
id: 40047
These are the last wheels to touch down after turning to space. The nose gear wheels from STS-135
id: 40048
Max Faget's original model of a winged spacecraft
id: 40049
Looking back towards the leading edge of the wing
id: 40050
Suz takes the space toilet for a spin.. but not too much of a spin
id: 40051
An ISS bedroom. Not bad!
id: 40052
Looking up at the Atlantis heat shield
id: 40053
Suz looks so tiny!
id: 40054
Looking up at the crew cabin from below
id: 40055
It's a really fantastic exhibit
id: 40056
Trying out the landing simulator. It wasn't so great
id: 40057
Suz wasn't super impressed with the sims either
id: 40058
Whoops! Let's hope this doesn't happen in orbit
id: 40059
Looking up at the Hubble
id: 40060
The shuttle stack is so tall!
id: 40061
Suz had to touch the wet ball
id: 40062
Now here is a lineup I can get behind!
id: 40063
Dream Chaser again!
id: 40064
An old Falcon 9!
id: 40065
Gemini Titan!
id: 40066
Cool looking engines
id: 40067
Suz didn't want to spend two weeks in a Gemini capsule like Frank Borman and Jim Lovell
id: 40068
This bird is playing a dangerous game
id: 40069
Weird old rocket that I don't want to look up
id: 40070
Ha, they put a little railing around the F-1 engine since I was here last time
id: 40071
Suz, that is not how you sit in spaceships!
id: 40072
Much better
id: 40073
Looking down the Saturn IB, the Saturn V's little cousin
id: 40074
Suz on the actual Apollo gantry
id: 40075
The next surface Neil Armstrong walked on after this walkway was the lunar surface
id: 40076
Rocket garden!
id: 40077
Suz is having some trouble with the Mercury capsule
id: 40078
Suz and Soyuz!
id: 40079
A replica of the Mercury mission control
id: 40080
I believe this is Gordon Cooper's actual spacesuit
id: 40081
Looking into a Gemini capsule
id: 40082
I wonder if that exposed wiring was there during the flight
id: 40083
I'm not sure if this is a training suit or what but it is not the suit Neil Armstrong wore on the moon
id: 40084
Suz is ready for lunch
id: 40085
We had lunch with astronaut John Blaha! He flew on six shuttle missions and spent several months on Mir. He was also sort of crazy
id: 40086
Posing with John Blaha!
id: 40087
Another view of the rocket garden
id: 40088
This woman was taking photos with her laptop.... what.
id: 40089
Where could this be??
id: 40090
Suz insisted we check out the Angry Birds exhibit. Ughh.
id: 40091
What is with this entrance?? Are the angry birds trapped in somebody's butt??
id: 40092
Shooting angry birds!
id: 40093
Some sort of mirror maze that blasted air at us
id: 40094
Where can I get this LEGO set?
id: 40095
What planet did they send this guy to?
id: 40096
Oh god, don't look at me
id: 40097
I take a picture of this payphone every time I come here
id: 40098
These are some odd choices
id: 40099
Time for the close up tour!
id: 40100
Our awesome tourguide! ..I forget his name
id: 40101
Headed to the actual Kennedy Space Center and not the Visitor Complex
id: 40102
Launch Complex 40, home of SpaceX!
id: 40103
The VAB is massive, even from several miles away
id: 40104
I believe this is LC-41. If you look closely you can see what looks like an Atlas launch vehicle inside
id: 40105
One more look at LC-40, a little closer
id: 40106
Headed towards the VAB
id: 40107
The Launch Control Center!
id: 40108
Apparently the launch platform and servicing structure for SLS is already finished?
id: 40109
Driving along the Saturn Causeway
id: 40110
The last mobile launch platform to launch a shuttle, newly removed from LC-39A at SpaceX's request
id: 40111
This is a giant structure
id: 40112
The mobile launch platform on top of the crawler transporter
id: 40113
Let's head to Pad A!
id: 40114
Launch Complex 39A!
id: 40115
Circling around it counter-clockwise
id: 40116
Closeup of the rotating service structure
id: 40117
That is a lot of liquid hydrogen. I wonder if SpaceX can repurpose this for RP-1 or Methane?
id: 40118
I think this is LC-40
id: 40119
Continuing to circle 39A
id: 40120
A lot of history at this launchpad
id: 40121
Rennovations are already underway by SpaceX, who is now leasing the pad
id: 40122
You can see the SpaceX crew hard at work
id: 40123
The VAB and SLS tower loom in the distance
id: 40124
Suz hanging out with LC-39A
id: 40125
Me hanging out with LC-39A!
id: 40126
Lots of patches
id: 40127
Suz is ready to go
id: 40128
Let's head back to the tour bus
id: 40129
LC-39B in its new "clean pad" configuration
id: 40130
I always wondered if this giant ramp was solid concrete. Maybe someday I'll look it up..
id: 40131
The lightning rods are a lot bigger than they look
id: 40132
Flame deflectors! They look pretty beat up
id: 40133
If all goes according to plan, SLS will be rolling up this ramp in a few years for its first flight
id: 40134
Back at the mobile launch platform
id: 40135
Heading back to the VAB
id: 40136
The bus driver took this picture. It was his idea, I swear
id: 40137
But it was my idea to make Suz do it
id: 40138
They painted the ground to show how huge the stars and stripes on the side of the VAB are
id: 40139
Where the magic happens. The Vehicle Assembly Building
id: 40140
Giant NASA emblem!
id: 40141
Closeup of the giant flag. I may have gone overboard with the "clarity" filter here..
id: 40142
The bay doors are massive
id: 40143
It's such a huge building. It's sort of hard to convey
id: 40144
If they didn't control the atmosphere inside it would form clouds near the top and rain indoors!
id: 40145
Suz loves NASA
id: 40146
Me too
id: 40147
Suz demonstrates how large the stars are
id: 40148
The Orbiter Processing Facilities. No shuttles anymore. Boeing leased one of these for the CST-100 I believe
id: 40149
The Shuttle Landing Facility runway! Very cool but not very photogenic
id: 40150
Back to the Saturn V center!
id: 40151
I guided Suz into the room while she looked down at the ground then had her turn around when we arrived at the rear. Her reaction: "Holy shit!"
id: 40152
Looking up at the super powerful F-1 engines
id: 40153
Don't be on the wrong end of these engines
id: 40154
Looking up the first stage
id: 40155
Various newspapers reacting to the Apollo 11 landing
id: 40156
Five J-2 engines take over at the second stage
id: 40157
It's incredible that they did this without modern computers
id: 40158
The ugliest and most beautiful vehicle to ever fly: the lunar module
id: 40159
The hatch on the Apollo 14 command module Kitty Hawk
id: 40160
Looking down near the heat shield
id: 40161
Alan Shepard, Ed Mitchell, and Stu Roosa sat in those seats
id: 40162
Alan Shepard's actual suit that he wore on the moon
id: 40163
Apollo flight plans!
id: 40164
Out of focus near the top it says "Landing in Apollo is a crash!"
id: 40165
The top of the fuel tanks in the second stage
id: 40166
Another shot of the lunar module
id: 40167
A long J-2 engine does the work for the third stage
id: 40168
Suz touches a moon rock. She was disappointed it was smooth from so many people touching it
id: 40169
The flight suit that Jim Lovell wore during the Apollo 13 mission
id: 40170
Birds are weird
id: 40171
Inside a lunar module
id: 40172
Space Dots are too cold!
id: 40173
What a great day at the Kennedy Space Center
id: 40174
The moon! We went there!!
id: 40175
id: 40176
I'll be back soon!
id: 40177
How cool is that?
id: 40178
And there's the Max A. Brewer Memorial Parkway, the bridge James and I watched STS-134 and SpaceX COTS2 launch from!
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