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06/10/14 - Disney World with Suz and James! Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and James drives the monorail!

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id: 40179
Yaay, Waffle House
id: 40180
James gets so excited every time he thinks about Disney
id: 40181
So much Waffle House
id: 40182
Suz had issues with the sun visor
id: 40183
Apparently this is what Space Mountain is in? I had no idea
id: 40184
Monoraaaail, monoraaaail
id: 40185
Hey! It's the monorail!
id: 40186
Suz is SO ready for this
id: 40187
Bag check..
id: 40188
Oh my god it's like some kind of nightmare designed to drive me crazy
id: 40189
Hey it's that castle!
id: 40190
Oh no! Evil Emperor Zurg have imprisoned Suz and James
id: 40191
Something about this seagull seems off..
id: 40192
Ariel is so excited to see us
id: 40193
This fish is definitely stoned
id: 40194
Ahhh, Ursula is scary!
id: 40195
Ariel wasn't happy I was taking photos of her private moment
id: 40196
id: 40197
Ready for the waking nightmare that is It's A Small World
id: 40198
Creepy robotic children
id: 40199
Trippin... balls.
id: 40200
So many creepy robotic children
id: 40201
Uhh.. is this hippo OK?
id: 40202
Tunnel of madness
id: 40203
This guy was just spinning around in amazement
id: 40204
id: 40205
id: 40206
id: 40207
Forced perspective is neat
id: 40208
Selfies! Too bad we didn't think of it until after James left for work
id: 40209
Disney loves mangling real words. So here is Philharmagic
id: 40210
Obama in the Hall of Presidents!
id: 40211
Dole Whips! No wait, Pineapple floats. Whatever.
id: 40212
Hey it's James at work!
id: 40213
Ooo, monorail controls
id: 40214
Suz got to sit in the seat but was told "DON'T TOUCH THE BUTTONS!" I was scared I'd touch a button
id: 40215
James can touch the buttons
id: 40216
James almost looks like a normal person with his piercings out and in his uniform
id: 40217
Oh nevermind
id: 40218
James doing his monorail thing
id: 40219
This time on Mission Space I was the engineer! Appropriate!
id: 40220
Suz loves space
id: 40221
Time for some nice Chinese food
id: 40222
Captain Eo was.... well... it happened
id: 40223
id: 40224
We're totally in the biodome
id: 40225
id: 40226
These giant things made me uncomfortable. How are they hanging there? What happens when they fall??
id: 40227
It's just like Jurassic Park! You go by real labs
id: 40228
That is a massive corn
id: 40229
Time to go into Spaceship Earth, narrated by Sigourney Weaver. Or so Suz would have us believe
id: 40230
Tripping balls.. again!
id: 40231
Disco science!
id: 40232
I was taking a picture of the camera that takes our picture for this
id: 40233
id: 40234
Goodbye Epcot!
id: 40235
Suz is cold. Or hot. Or hungry. Or any number of other status ailments that plagued her throughout the trip.
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