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06/21/14 - Going for a walk around Queens

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id: 40260
I was pretty lazy with my mailbox label
id: 40261
They should turn the rocks into manatees
id: 40262
Stickers everywhere!
id: 40263
At least they tried..
id: 40264
Just turn left at the shoes..
id: 40265
id: 40266
Typical street
id: 40267
So many flags!
id: 40268
Mission control?
id: 40269
This substation station looksl like it was made in Minecraft or something
id: 40270
Sky, rail, darkness
id: 40271
Elevated track supports
id: 40272
A convenient place to mount traffic lights
id: 40273
So much cheap garbage!
id: 40274
My buddy, the walking man
id: 40275
Looking up at the 7
id: 40276
I can't help but think of GTA4
id: 40277
I've ordered a lot of chicken from this place and never seen it!
id: 40278
Peeking into a bodega
id: 40279
id: 40280
Not too much traffic
id: 40281
This cone needs some help
id: 40282
Built to last
id: 40283
These sidewalk sheds are everywhere
id: 40284
What's inside?
id: 40285
id: 40286
Just walking along the 7
id: 40287
Nothing like a hot dog at sunset
id: 40288
It must be a hassle bringing all this stuff outside every day and then bringing it back in
id: 40289
The entrance to the 61st st station
id: 40290
id: 40291
Looking along the support structure
id: 40292
So much steel!
id: 40293
Standing around the platform
id: 40294
A convenient place to mount wires
id: 40295
The control tower for La Guardia
id: 40296
Looking into Manhattan
id: 40297
Not sure what this bridge is
id: 40298
The end of the platform
id: 40299
Looking down on the street
id: 40300
Coming in for a landing at La Guardia
id: 40301
I like the rails in this shot. New York at sunset is pretty
id: 40302
id: 40303
Leaving La Guardia. Much better than arriving.
id: 40304
Lookinga long the 61st st station
id: 40305
I see this "KLOPS" graffiti everywhere
id: 40306
Lookinga long the 7 line. With the compression from the telephoto the stations seem so close!
id: 40307
Looking down around my neighborhood
id: 40308
If I hit this curve I've gone too far
id: 40309
Big blocky buildings
id: 40310
My home station
id: 40311
Need some fruit?
id: 40312
My street looks a lot nicer when the trees aren't all dead
id: 40313
id: 40314
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