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07/04/14 - 4th of July party at Suz and Goran's place with special guest Bryce in from Philadelphia!

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id: 40315
Yaddi has a flat head
id: 40316
Bryce loves buses
id: 40317
Hi Charlie!
id: 40318
Suz is pulling some pork
id: 40319
Time for vidja games
id: 40320
Andy loves vidja games
id: 40321
Charlie discovered the food processor and got all excited
id: 40322
Except it's a little tricky
id: 40323
This is the shot Andy sends to modelling agencies
id: 40324
Bryce considers the skyline
id: 40325
Fire and ice?
id: 40326
Hey I know that building
id: 40327
Trying to figure out which grill to use
id: 40328
Mmm, ice
id: 40329
id: 40330
I talked Goran into using the chimney thing
id: 40331
Hanging on the roof with a bunch of Suz and Goran's friends that I don't know
id: 40332
"Hey there"
id: 40333
Goran's photography stance
id: 40334
Trying to figure out the rules to this drinking game
id: 40335
Throwing a die
id: 40336
Hi Goran
id: 40337
This game leads to some goofy faces
id: 40338
Where did the die go?
id: 40339
Charlie is so ready
id: 40340
Mmm, burgers
id: 40341
"I'm hot." "I'm cold." "I'm hungry." ":<"
id: 40342
Andy's hair is just completely out of control
id: 40343
MGB John
id: 40344
Steven likes beer
id: 40345
The die is cast!
id: 40346
Beer shotgunning!
id: 40347
Strike a pose
id: 40348
Bryce is having a good time
id: 40349
Too windy for CJ?
id: 40350
Ahhh, helicopters!
id: 40351
Mmm, burger
id: 40352
Time for everyone's favorite reaction game
id: 40353
Beautiful lighting!
id: 40354
Bryce tries Goran's bear claw beer thing
id: 40355
Checking out the skyline
id: 40356
NYC definitely has some nice lights
id: 40357
A long exposure of a helicopter drifting around
id: 40358
id: 40359
The official fireworks downtown weren't bad
id: 40360
But the neighbors in Brooklyn were putting on a pretty decent show themselves!
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