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07/12/14 - Time for Otakon prescreenings once again!

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id: 40368
Vic reviews the playlist
id: 40369
id: 40370
Feel the excitement
id: 40371
Omar always looks insane in photos
id: 40372
So much junk food
id: 40373
Nothing like eight hours of AMVs to make your weekend
id: 40374
So many shoes
id: 40375
Fun fun fun
id: 40376
All done! Let's go eat!
id: 40377
Waiting for the drivers
id: 40378
id: 40379
Bryce photo dive-bombs my shot of the SolarCity car
id: 40380
Hi Omar
id: 40381
Aquiline Studios!
id: 40382
I tried out Alan's macro lens
id: 40383
One of Vic and Amanda's new kitties!
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