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07/18/14 - Go-kart racing with Brett and Steph at F1 Boston! Super fun

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id: 40384
Brett tries to figure out the 3ds
id: 40385
Hey cool, a NASCAR racecar
id: 40386
Ooo, shiny go-kart
id: 40387
Steph is so excited
id: 40388
This is a serious seat
id: 40389
An actual INDY car
id: 40390
I really wanted to jump in..
id: 40391
Headed down to the race track
id: 40392
Somehow in the second race it was just me and Brett..
id: 40393
Listening to the track employees
id: 40394
Brett and I take to our karts
id: 40395
Suited up and ready to go!
id: 40396
Away we go!
id: 40397
Headed up the bill hill
id: 40398
id: 40399
They were pretty fast, up to 45mph!
id: 40400
Of course, I beat Brett!
id: 40401
Brett had a good race though
id: 40402
Here we come
id: 40403
Good race!
id: 40404
I snapped a few shots of the people who raced after us
id: 40405
Other drivers waiting to go
id: 40406
Lots of karts
id: 40407
Taking the corner at speed
id: 40408
Steph and Brett had fun!
id: 40409
Good times
id: 40410
I had to get my photo with the track
id: 40411
And of course with the INDY car, though at the time I thought it might have been an F1 car.
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