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07/19/14 - Visiting Tony and Shayna, a walk around Clark, and helping moving

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Tony is really looking forward to moving
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Shayna squeezes Appa for reasurance that moving won't totally suck
id: 40414
Mmm.. morning.
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I don't know how I missed out on Annie's during Clark. I suppose being on the meal plan will do that
id: 40418
Goddard Library!
id: 40419
I figured I'd walk a little through campus on the way back to Tony and Shayna's Place. Wright Hall, my freshman dorm
id: 40420
Another angle on Goddard
id: 40421
Wow, where did the stairs to the north of Wright go?
id: 40422
And what the heck is this??
id: 40423
Lots of construction near Hughes
id: 40424
I wonder what they're building
id: 40425
Red Square
id: 40426
Had to get my photo with Freud
id: 40427
That satellite dish is still there
id: 40428
Nerd Tower (aka the CompSci/Math department)
id: 40429
Uncle Sam's! One Grease Calzone, please
id: 40430
Helping Tony and Shayna move the heavy stuff to the driveway ahead of the truck
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id: 40432
This should give them a good head start when the truck arrives
id: 40433
Satellite dish graveyard
id: 40434
id: 40435
Is this going to fit?
id: 40436
id: 40437
It did!
id: 40438
Getting a real workout
id: 40439
The couch is almost clear
id: 40440
And into the driveway
id: 40441
Steph takes a break
id: 40442
Tony is king of the driveway
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