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07/19/14 - Dad and I walk the entire Freedom Trail! Including the U.S.S. Constitution!

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id: 40457
Ready to go?
id: 40458
'MURCA! Freedom! Yeah!!
id: 40459
The Orange Line feels so weird after living in NYC so long
id: 40460
This used to look complicated to me
id: 40461
Gotta get ready for walking!
id: 40462
Popular day to be out
id: 40463
Lots of people walking around the Boston Common
id: 40464
This lady was trying to line up people for an in-character tour
id: 40465
Hey cool dodecahedron
id: 40466
Let's get this started! Here's the trail!
id: 40467
I've already forgotten what all of these buildings are.. I need to caption my photos sooner
id: 40468
Religious people singing. Probably about Jesus
id: 40469
Would you like to buy some Jesus?
id: 40470
Hey it's the State Capitol. As seen in The Last of Us
id: 40471
The dome is solid gold. No, that would be too heavy
id: 40472
One more stop on the trail completed!
id: 40473
This is how you know it's legit
id: 40474
Hey we used to have these guys on in the background every morning
id: 40475
Neat looking building
id: 40476
There you go folks, the history of the Boston Common. I don't know how long this sign has been here..
id: 40477
Boston's version of those stupid open top tourist buses
id: 40478
Very very old graves
id: 40479
Dad looks around at the old graveyard
id: 40480
Some of these gravestones have been around since the 1600s. Some of these people fought in the Revolutionary War
id: 40481
Old gravestones used to be super thin
id: 40482
Despite what all the ignorant tourists who can't read were saying, this is the grave of Benjamin Franklin's parents, not the man himself.
id: 40483
People gathered around one of those funny in-character tour guides
id: 40484
Old timey graves are weird
id: 40485
Weird tour guides
id: 40486
Follow the trail. It's made it brick.. inside other brick
id: 40487
This was some super old church
id: 40488
Inside the super old church. It was kind of cool because instead of pews they had little cubicles with doors. I was a fan
id: 40489
Eventually I started taking photos of the signs explaining where we were so I didn't have to remember
id: 40490
A statue of Benjamin Franklin! Supposedly this is the oldest portrait statue in the United States
id: 40491
Old City Hall
id: 40492
Photos used to take a lot longer to make
id: 40493
Hi Ben
id: 40494
The "Old South Meeting House"
id: 40495
I thought it was funny that there was this super old building and right outside is a dude in a Skyrim t-shirt
id: 40496
Boston streets are weird
id: 40497
Hey! This is where my Mom worked for years! I don't think I've ever seen it up close
id: 40498
Tall building.
id: 40499
Not sure what building this is. I think there were maybe revolutionary meetings here?
id: 40500
This woman walked through the frame just as I took the shot but I like it. This is the site of the Boston Massacre and hundreds of years later we're just rolling babies through it.
id: 40501
Hey it's that clock tower from the news
id: 40502
Three buildings from different times
id: 40503
A wider angle of the previous shot
id: 40504
I believe this is the current city hall. It's made with "brutalist" architecture. Pretty cool
id: 40505
This lady had a nicer lens than me
id: 40506
Quincy Market or Faneuil Hall or.. something
id: 40507
Who needs real drums
id: 40508
Fruits and veggies!
id: 40509
Hey this is where Paul Revere lived!
id: 40510
At this point my Dad started commandeering the camera every once in a while
id: 40511
id: 40512
Who is that riding the horse? I bet it's Paul Revere
id: 40513
We stumbled across this small memorial to veterans from a much more recent war
id: 40514
Too many dog tags
id: 40515
Hey there's the Zakim Bridge
id: 40516
This building was one of the stops on the trail that I forgot to take a photo of, so I just turned around and lazily took one from far away
id: 40517
Another graveyard! They're everywhere!
id: 40518
Funny little bike taxi
id: 40519
Zakim! The largest asymmetrical suspension bridge in the world! Well, at one time. Who knows if it still is
id: 40520
This made me laugh.. The rest of the bridge is a grate you can see through to the water underneath
id: 40521
Lots of boats
id: 40522
The world's oldest boat still in active navy service: The U.S.S. Constitution!
id: 40523
Dad says "peace"
id: 40524
All these ropes seem so complicated
id: 40525
Lots of cannons
id: 40526
Coming around to the other side
id: 40527
The sides weren't really iron. They were oak or something
id: 40528
Walking along the deck
id: 40529
These stairs were pretty tricky
id: 40530
So many ropes
id: 40531
This life preserver is over 400 years old. No not really.
id: 40532
Hanging with the cannons
id: 40533
This reminded me of the payload bay doors on the space shuttle. Very similar purpose!
id: 40534
Listening to the history of the ship in one of the lower decks.
id: 40535
The ceilings were a bit low
id: 40536
Really old rifles!
id: 40537
Really old.. stuff?
id: 40538
There were a LOT of cannons. Technically they were "guns" since they're on a ship
id: 40539
This is where the sailors slept
id: 40540
Explaining the process of firing a cannon.
id: 40541
Well that was fun
id: 40542
Bye U.S.S. Constitution!
id: 40543
Funny Parappa graffiti
id: 40544
Hey that's Baltimore's thing!
id: 40545
Boston roads remain weird
id: 40546
The end of the trail, the Bunker Hill Monument!
id: 40547
Hey it's that blimp!
id: 40548
Close enough that you can't see the pointy top anymore
id: 40549
We officially made it!
id: 40550
And here's where we went! We did the entire trail! Most people give up and skip the last two since they're pretty far away. Not us!
id: 40551
A successful fun day in Boston
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