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08/10/14 - Otakon 2014! The first year for the Otakon AMV Theater! Also Topaz joins us on staff!

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id: 40552
This nice old couple and I had a fun conversation on the way to Baltimore. I even did a trial run of my panel with them!
id: 40553
Alan tossed Topaz a cheese stick, which he of course missed, and it slid behind the 1000 pound chest. It took us a half hour to get it out
id: 40554
Topaz is officially Otakon staff! You can tell from the lanyard
id: 40555
id: 40556
Topaz was convinced he had a fever but it turns out he was just crazy
id: 40557
Waiting to get badges and such
id: 40558
This lady accused me of taking her photo and then when I said I didn't she insisted I did!
id: 40559
Vic was pretty proud of his optimal packing job. There was noooo room left in that van
id: 40560
Really, there was essentially no room left
id: 40561
Dave had to sit with his legs up the whole trip
id: 40562
This year's van art survived thanks to the lack of rain
id: 40563
Topaz is a super serious staffer
id: 40564
Vic looks sketchy as hell
id: 40565
Everyone stuff in the elevator!
id: 40566
Once again Dave is crushed by A/V gear
id: 40567
Onto the kinetic-friction-carpet of doom!
id: 40568
Vic is dual wielding projectors
id: 40569
Wow!! Otakon gave us a pretty huge room for our first year!
id: 40570
Registration.. little did they know the nightmare that would follow as their computer system had trouble all weekend long
id: 40571
First cosplay photo of the year!
id: 40572
This plug in our room scared the hell out of me
id: 40573
Back to the van to grab more gear
id: 40574
It's so strange when it's empty!
id: 40575
Video 1 looks strange without the curtains up
id: 40576
Little dog!
id: 40577
Taking precise measurements on the projector for optimal viewing
id: 40578
Got to make the legs the exact right length
id: 40579
We spend a lot of tape in an attempt to keep attendees away from our expensive and fragile projector
id: 40580
For real, don't touch our projector
id: 40581
Lots of cable to lay
id: 40582
Luckily Topaz actually knows how to run cables
id: 40583
Amanda takes one for the team and crawls under the stage to help lay the cable
id: 40584
Don't step on our cables!! We have to make this a little extreme so it's visible in the dark. Also Erika is new on staff!
id: 40585
We tried to do this in Video 1 on the giant screen but it didn't work out. Happy birthday to Mel from the first ever Otakon AMV Theater!
id: 40586
Dave looks so startled
id: 40587
Brakus also joined us on staff this year!
id: 40588
Checking the image from the Iron Editor machines
id: 40589
Dave gives a mini-lesson on how the server works, before Vic's official lesson
id: 40590
I thought the reg line looked bad.. little did I know how crazy it would get
id: 40591
Meanwhile, in Pub Ops..
id: 40592
This year's program guide had a great cover!
id: 40593
And here's my article! The Publications people did a great job with the presentation. They even used a couple of my photos!
id: 40594
Vic teaches all the newbies (Katie is new too!) how to use the server
id: 40595
This dog seemed stressed out
id: 40596
Hey there's that sign I take a photo of every year
id: 40597
"Hey Omar, how's Pub Ops?"
id: 40598
More accurate
id: 40599
The registration line grows..
id: 40600
This water cooler made me laugh. Why is it so far away?
id: 40601
This water cooler looks like a robot carrying water
id: 40602
The very moment Omar injured his leg doing an Irish jig. More blood than you would think..
id: 40603
After a long day working in the BCC we dive into our traditional Dominos dinner like animals
id: 40604
Friday morning! The con is getting started! Sucks to be trapped in the reg line
id: 40605
Registration worked hard but made some poor system architecture decisions that hamstrung them for the entire weekend, leading to excruciatingly long lines
id: 40606
Spyro the Dragon!
id: 40607
Whoa, impressive Blastoise
id: 40608
Hexadecimal! Rare to see a cosplay from ReBoot
id: 40609
I don't know this character but given the 3d gear I assume they're from Attack on Titan
id: 40610
Whoops, the elevator photobombed this shot of me and dave
id: 40611
The registration line is really getting insane now
id: 40612
This poor gofer
id: 40613
Cosplayers from Brave!
id: 40614
id: 40615
This is one of my favorite cosplays in years. Very clever!
id: 40616
I'm pretty sure I saw that guy on the right last year. Still great costumes!
id: 40617
This really made me laugh
id: 40618
Amazing (and terrifying) Songbird cosplay!
id: 40619
A whole gaggle of Attack on Titan folks!
id: 40620
This guy... has an amazing costume. Well done! Note the DLC in the red circle
id: 40621
Princess Peach. A classic!
id: 40622
This Optimus Prime cosplay looked complicated
id: 40623
This poor Asuna cosplayer spent two minutes struggling to get her breastplate to stay on before giving up and posing for the shot. Still a great costume!
id: 40624
Bob's Burgers!
id: 40625
This uh.. looks optimal.
id: 40626
This Little Sister was scary
id: 40627
These two have a piece of the living breathing mountain the Agro Crag!! D-d-d-do you have it? GUTS!
id: 40628
Ahh, I miss Chef
id: 40629
This Ravio cosplayer was especially awesome since I beat A Link Between Worlds only a few days before arriving at Otakon
id: 40630
Don't touch his rupee bag
id: 40631
So many Zeldas! And a Hilda!
id: 40632
Chii! Old school
id: 40633
Very cool Commander Shepard. That costume looks like it took a while..
id: 40634
Pirates of Chesapeake Bay?
id: 40635
*GASP!* Doodlebob!
id: 40636
Ahhh, my favorite. The view from the back of Video 1 during the AMV Contest. Beautiful
id: 40637
People wandering around outside Video 1
id: 40638
Wow! A cosplayer from On Your Mark! I'm not sure I've ever seen one before. On You Mark is a somewhat obscure short music video animated by Studio Ghibli.
id: 40639
Smash! Who's in the box?
id: 40640
Lego guy!
id: 40641
Nerds of a different sort!
id: 40642
Topaz took a few photos of me during my space panel
id: 40643
I like the preview monitors in this shot
id: 40644
I got a much bigger audience than I expected
id: 40645
I didn't really have time to be nervous because I was busy all day and just launched right into it
id: 40646
Here I'm talking about the various stages of the Saturn V rocket
id: 40647
The talk was a lot of fun and a guy from NASA came up after to tell me I did a good job! Very cool!
id: 40648
Brian introduces the premiere of AMV Hell 7
id: 40649
On our way downstairs for the Saturday AMV Contest
id: 40650
Saturday.. getting pretty tired
id: 40651
Maybe not Dave
id: 40652
After a brief nap on Saturday night I head back out for a little more fun in my snazzy new hoodie
id: 40653
Cosplayers don't sleep
id: 40654
Topaz got stuck on "door ops" for hours. Keeping the lines in.. line.
id: 40655
This sign was outside our room for much of the weekend. Which is awesome but also unfortunate for the attendees.
id: 40656
The room got pretttty packed
id: 40657
We shared our usual AMV Ops room with some other department this year
id: 40658
Erika's awesome Ezio cosplay!
id: 40659
Very impressive
id: 40660
What kind of videos do we play at 1am in the AMV Theater? ..don't worry about it
id: 40661
OK. We're officially tired now. Photo timestamp: 2:22am
id: 40662
This guy spent much of the weekend working on an enormous chalk version of the program guide cover
id: 40663
Josh came to help his friends in the Dealer's Room!
id: 40664
So did Goran!
id: 40665
Neat Twilight Sparkle cosplay
id: 40666
Great costumes, and a solid party in the game!
id: 40667
I'm not sure.. what this is all about
id: 40668
Heading outside for the first time in a while
id: 40669
Ice Cold Water Man! I'm not actually hoverhanding him, my arm is going across his sweaty sweaty shoulder
id: 40670
Conrad, the guy from NASA's Goddard Spaceflight Center!! He threw up the peace sign first so I did and then he put it down before the photo!
id: 40671
Tearing down the screen in Video 1
id: 40672
It's a big screen
id: 40673
This is the camera that Vic barely got to use this weekend
id: 40674
Goodbye attendees! See you next year!
id: 40675
We took a time lapse of AMV Theater teardown and when we were done we slowly approached the camera..
id: 40676
Amanda really classed up this photo
id: 40677
The Otakon AMV Department, folks
id: 40678
Be afraid
id: 40679
Be very afraid
id: 40680
Let's go to the Dead Dog
id: 40681
Apparently goofy face time is not over
id: 40682
Just look at Vic!
id: 40683
This photo is already hilarious... and then you see Amanda's face
id: 40684
I jumped too.. by myself :(
id: 40685
This year they rounded up a bunch of food trucks and gave us a few vouchers. Not a bad idea!
id: 40686
Which food truck to pillage..
id: 40687
Finally getting a meal ticket out of Otakon. The aspect ratio on the fan logo made Omar twitch
id: 40688
It's time for stories of conventions past
id: 40689
Crabbie! Or Harold! Whatever!
id: 40690
Story time with Alan
id: 40691
Everybody sign the awesome banner art!
id: 40692
Dave demonstrates his revolving door technique from Anime Boston 2005
id: 40693
The last breakfast?
id: 40694
This place was great. They made me sandwiches in a bowl
id: 40695
Aaaand the van's battery is dead
id: 40696
Luckily Omar had jumper cables
id: 40697
It took us a while to figure out how to do it...
id: 40698
Bye Omar!
id: 40699
Amanda got me a very cool yellow Tachikoma in this year's $20 game
id: 40700
Showing off my awesome new Otakon hoodie
id: 40701
Check out that artwork!
id: 40702
Space wings!
id: 40703
Topaz tries to figure out my giant phone
id: 40704
I love the art on my Otakon long sleeved tee
id: 40705
Topaz didn't like the long sleeves
id: 40706
Bye Topaz!
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