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08/17/14 - Ithaca Camping 2014 with a bunch of the Buffalo crew again! Now with more boats!

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id: 40707
Christina followed me to NYC so she was kind enough to give me a ride to Ithaca!
id: 40708
Obligatory rest stop photo
id: 40709
We're doin' it!
id: 40710
Fire, folding chairs, car parked 15 feet away. We're officially camping
id: 40711
Big Foot Steve takes out the trash
id: 40712
Dustin is having flashbacks to last year's camping trip
id: 40713
Our camp site must have been very attractive to any small animals in the area
id: 40714
My sad little tent
id: 40715
The propeller on the boat we rented. Just in case we damage it..
id: 40716
The gang waits for us to get the boat ready
id: 40717
Matt is all about boating safety
id: 40718
Are we in the lake yet?
id: 40719
Marlee and Sara are totally ready for boating
id: 40720
I was elected boat captain since I was the only one who wasn't drinking
id: 40721
Matt knows a camera when he sees one
id: 40722
Everyone kept telling me to tell people back home that I spent the weekend driving a Bentley. It's true!
id: 40723
Time to get the tubes inflated
id: 40724
The gang got me a captain's hat but it didn't fit me so they took turns wearing it
id: 40725
Phil has a pumpkin themed t-shirt
id: 40726
Silly Sara. There are no buffalos here.
id: 40727
Almost inflated!
id: 40728
Steve gets started on his
id: 40729
id: 40730
Dustin gets to work on his tube
id: 40731
Are their brains connected by that strand of hair?
id: 40732
Christina and Megan strike a pose
id: 40733
I think Phil's ready
id: 40734
Get in the water!
id: 40735
Inner tubes are funny
id: 40736
Dustin kept trying to use the pump to inflate his tube.. without much success
id: 40737
First in the water!
id: 40738
Isn't this fun?
id: 40739
Matt really committed to his jump
id: 40740
"We're doin' it!"
id: 40741
Phil seems unsure
id: 40742
Hi Megan
id: 40743
Christina contemplates windblown hair
id: 40744
Having fun in the back of the boat?
id: 40745
Phil had some really weird swimming faces
id: 40746
Steve enjoys a relaxing day on the water with his sandwiches
id: 40747
Dustin is a master knotsman
id: 40748
Get on that tube!
id: 40749
Phil's sick of the water.. for now
id: 40750
We have a really ridiculous inner tube to person ratio
id: 40751
Dustin holds onto his little string for dear life
id: 40752
MORE inner tubes??
id: 40753
Christina and Megan are the keeper of the Cheez-its
id: 40754
"What'cha got there, a camera?"
id: 40755
Dustin successfully escapes the lake
id: 40756
Boats are funny
id: 40757
Whyyyy is this happening
id: 40758
Phil knows how to pose for a photo
id: 40759
Steve is having fun
id: 40760
Dustin forgot he was wearing the captain hat
id: 40761
Christina's turn in the lake!
id: 40762
Phil is the captain of his own mini-ship the U.S.S. Phil-Needs-To-Smoke. That makes me an Admiral!
id: 40763
Matt attempted to flip off the boat but slipped.
id: 40764
Steve looks pretty stoned. He's not.
id: 40765
Megan's not so sure
id: 40766
Christina's having fun in the lake
id: 40767
I think those are Phil's feet?
id: 40768
id: 40769
Good time for a nap
id: 40770
The back of the boat was the relaxation zone
id: 40771
Steve finally jumps in the lake
id: 40772
Steve and Megan are tube-wranglers
id: 40773
Phil gets his hood on
id: 40774
Megan thought the lake was a lot colder than she was led to believe
id: 40775
Steve let a tube ago and Megan made a valiant effort to rescue it
id: 40776
Matt was the only swimmer strong enough to actually get the runaway tube
id: 40777
Yaay, Matt!
id: 40778
Good try Megan. Steve just shouted "I'm bad at swimming!"
id: 40779
Dustin does his thing
id: 40780
Yes, Matt is wearing a hoodie as pants. It was a little chilly
id: 40781
Phil thinks deep thoughts
id: 40782
Ahhhh, good times.
id: 40783
Dustin enters the relaxation zone
id: 40784
Matt uh.. oh god.
id: 40785
Me and my vessel
id: 40786
This is me pretending to drive the boat
id: 40787
Phil is ready for more
id: 40788
I spent a bunch of the weekend reading The Fundamentals of Astrodynamics. Like y'do
id: 40789
Ah yes. Camping.
id: 40790
The disco ball is traditional.
id: 40791
Matt kept running off with my camera, which was convenient for me because I'm actually in some of these shots!
id: 40792
Waiting for dinner in downtown Ithaca
id: 40793
This, ladies and gentlemen, is a classic Megan face
id: 40794
id: 40795
The disco ball looked lovely in the twilight
id: 40796
Dustin is really ready for breakfast
id: 40797
Matt removed an extra log in a super safe manner
id: 40798
Pancakes on an open flame!
id: 40799
Megan is ready for breakfast
id: 40800
Mmmm, bacon
id: 40801
I'm not sure what Dustin's doing here
id: 40802
Neither is Phil
id: 40803
Sideways pancake?
id: 40804
Ready for breakfast, Steve?
id: 40805
Matt thinks deep deep thoughts
id: 40806
Morning in the woods
id: 40807
I love the disco ball in the background
id: 40808
Hi Megan! How's breakfast?
id: 40809
What's even going on here?
id: 40810
Christina did a great job with breakfast!
id: 40811
id: 40812
This is definitely full of water
id: 40813
It's important to do your makeup before hitting the swimming hole
id: 40814
Matt and Phil seem confused
id: 40815
Better just take a nap
id: 40816
Dustin revisits the site of his almost-death from last year. This time he wisely stayed away from the edge
id: 40817
Steve heads down to the upper pool
id: 40818
Is it safe?
id: 40819
Matt climbed up the waterfall the hard way
id: 40820
Here he comes
id: 40821
Matt actually looks like he knows what he's doing
id: 40822
Dustin's turn as photographer
id: 40823
Here's that building again that looks like something out of The Last of Us
id: 40824
We all decided the upper pool was too dangerous this year
id: 40825
Better head to the lower pool
id: 40826
And here we are!
id: 40827
Marlee and Matt found a cave!
id: 40828
Matt's ready for his leap of faith
id: 40829
id: 40830
Ahh, it's so high!
id: 40831
I nearly slipped and fell in the water to get this shot
id: 40832
Christina is filming a shampoo commercial
id: 40833
Matt commandeers the camera for a few group photos
id: 40834
Marlee's shampoo commercial
id: 40835
Haha, good job, Matt
id: 40836
Dustin wanted a shot with Marlee
id: 40837
Bye Marlee and Sara! Have a safe drive back to Buffalo!
id: 40838
Dustin and Phil's yearbook photo
id: 40839
Dustin's heading to the top. No, not really.
id: 40840
Steve and Megan did not shoot a shampoo commercial
id: 40841
Meanwhile, I was doing math. I swear I was having fun!
id: 40842
A math POV shot
id: 40843
Looking around for rocks to skip
id: 40844
Here we go
id: 40845
Phil and I had a rock skipping competition and nearly killed a duck by accident
id: 40846
Big cliff
id: 40847
Phil and Steve relax for a moment
id: 40848
You get it???? YOU GET IT??
id: 40849
Matt does a shift as chef
id: 40850
Smoke is the worst
id: 40851
id: 40852
Phil looks disheveled
id: 40853
Dustin helps with the sausage cooking apparatus
id: 40854
Matt's going to show us how to chew Big League Chew bubble gum
id: 40855
Uhh.. not like this
id: 40856
Dustin loves gum
id: 40857
I forget what's even going on here
id: 40858
Time to head to the Ithaca Beer Company brewery again!
id: 40859
To the place with the beer!
id: 40860
Don't forget Phil!
id: 40861
Lots of beer and burgers
id: 40862
Mmm.. fire.
id: 40863
Camping at night!
id: 40864
I guess that's it then, huh?
id: 40865
Bye Phil and Matt!
id: 40866
Taking down the tent
id: 40867
Dustin emerges from his tent of luxury
id: 40868
The traditional tea sacrifice
id: 40869
It's so empty!
id: 40870
But now we have diner food
id: 40871
That is an absurd slab of sausage
id: 40872
I miss pancakes
id: 40873
Steve doesn't understand glass
id: 40874
Bye Buffalo people!
id: 40875
What a helpful map
id: 40876
The George Washington bridge!
id: 40877
Back in New York.
id: 40878
Ugh. Welcome back to NYC. *pollution belch*
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