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08/31/14 - Mom and Aunt Teresa come visit me in Queens and attend the US Open!

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id: 42629
Mom's really excited to see me
id: 42630
Hi Mom!
id: 42631
Let's go get breakfast!
id: 42632
I imagine some sort of threat is being made here involving my camera and some broken bones
id: 42633
Mom's having fun
id: 42634
Walking through a sketchy-ass part of Queens
id: 42635
Hmm.. I think I detect some subtle chromatic aberration
id: 42636
This guy looks bored by the weird lobby of the Museum of the Moving Image
id: 42637
Old film reels about the world fair
id: 42638
Just try and stop me
id: 42639
Let's look at some old scripts and stuff
id: 42640
Hmm.. these appear to be some old scripts and stuff
id: 42641
Pictorial Center?
id: 42642
Photos of photos being photographed!
id: 42643
Mom continues to have fun
id: 42644
Say cheese!
id: 42645
Hey a photo of Hattie McDaniels from Gone with the wind, Aunt Teresa's favorite movie!
id: 42646
There was a cool video full of clips of famous movies
id: 42647
Ooo, Seinfeld stuff!
id: 42648
An original script written by Larry David!
id: 42649
The Seinfeld script as read by the actors
id: 42650
An original Cosby sweater!
id: 42651
I'm pretty sure this is a replica of Nugget's childhood bedroom
id: 42652
More weird Star Wars toys
id: 42653
Whoa, a Magnavox Odyssey! The world's first home gaming console
id: 42654
A replica of Ralph Baer's "Brown Box" which eventually became the Magnavox Odyssey
id: 42655
Some notes on those consoles
id: 42656
Whoa, I've never heard of this game but it looks pretty intense
id: 42657
An original Pong cabinet!
id: 42658
Hey they even had some Nintendo and Atari stuff. Too bad the buttons were stuck on the NES controller..
id: 42659
I lost several quarters to Donkey Kong
id: 42660
This was a very cool and unexpected section of the museum
id: 42661
id: 42662
The Oculus Rift of its day?
id: 42663
Let's make stop motion movies!
id: 42664
Fun, but tedious
id: 42665
When the video started recording to make a flipbook I just shoved Mom off the screen
id: 42666
Whoa.. cameras have gotten a lot smaller
id: 42667
Editing has also gotten a lot easier
id: 42668
Ooo, an original miniature from Blade Runner
id: 42669
Old school cathode ray tubes
id: 42670
Various old projectors
id: 42671
A beta max player!
id: 42672
Mom and Aunt Teresa said they actually had that tv in the house as kids
id: 42673
I feel like I'm in Mirror's Edge..
id: 42674
The popular place to get rid of your museum entrance sticker
id: 42675
I walked down to Flushing to meet up with Mom and Aunt Teresa
id: 42676
There's that giant globe!
id: 42677
id: 42678
Hey I know that lady!
id: 42679
Aunt Teresa looks a bit frazzled
id: 42680
Vacation photo!
id: 42681
Well, they left her behind when she was a kid, but Aunt Teresa is finally at the World Fair! Just a few decades late.
id: 42682
You made it!
id: 42683
You can tell how much fun she's having
id: 42684
id: 42685
US Open!
id: 42686
Aunt Teresa wants to go to sleep now.
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