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09/12/14 - I go for a bike ride around Queens and take a few photos

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id: 40899
I love tree tunnels like this
id: 40900
The Queensboro Bridge!
id: 40901
So much steel
id: 40902
This is not a safe bike crossing
id: 40903
Not sure what this is but it sure is high contrast
id: 40904
Hey, what's this weird low flying plane?
id: 40905
Look out, high contrast building!
id: 40906
Getting closer to the east river
id: 40907
Big huge supports for a big huge bridge
id: 40908
This is actually Roosevelt Island, not Manhattan
id: 40909
You can never have enough photos of bridges
id: 40910
Buildings in Manhattan are taller than Roosevelt Island
id: 40911
Supposedly the bike trail kept going somewhere around here but I couldn't find it
id: 40912
How does it stay up??
id: 40913
World Trade Center!
id: 40914
Steel above and below
id: 40915
My trusty bike
id: 40916
Bike rides are fun! No joke, I chose the creeper t-shirt cause it was brighter than most of my shirts and probably safer so I don't get hit by a car
id: 40917
Tree tunnel!
id: 40918
Just for fun, let's head up the Queensboro Bridge
id: 40919
It's a gentle slope but it goes on for a while
id: 40920
Maybe it's a power plant?
id: 40921
Almost near the top
id: 40922
Hey that's where I took that photo of me and the bike!
id: 40923
OK, I don't actually want to go to Manhattan, so let's turn around and head back
id: 40924
This part is easier
id: 40925
Onwards to Sunnyside!
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