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09/20/14 - Omar and Liz visit NYC and we hang out with their friend Deep and Escape the Room!

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id: 40926
Omar, what are you thinking? Neil hates onions
id: 40927
Deep takes a turn on the racing sim
id: 40928
He was getting a pretty good feel for it
id: 40929
id: 40930
Liz checked out my books
id: 40931
Omar only condones simulating drinking and driving
id: 40932
Up early so we can head to Manhattan for "Escape the Room"
id: 40933
Crane on the 7!
id: 40934
That's where we want to go
id: 40935
Omar is already a star citizen
id: 40936
Deep is super stoked to start the day
id: 40937
Omar demonstrates his photographic prowess
id: 40938
Oh man. Feel the pixels.
id: 40939
Mmm, smoothie
id: 40940
Hey you can't trick me. This isn't a train.
id: 40941
Come on guys, almost there!
id: 40942
This disorienting place is the lobby to Escape the Room
id: 40943
Suz is so ready to escape
id: 40944
Suz and Liz both have purple hoodies. COINCIDENCE?
id: 40945
Suz, it is so early.
id: 40946
Goran is just going to smash through the door
id: 40947
We escaped!!
id: 40948
Elevators are boring.
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