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10/24/14 - Buffalonians in New York City! The gang heads out to visit and see an away Bills game

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id: 40949
"What is this, New York?"
id: 40950
It's Dustin!
id: 40951
The obligatory trip to Foxy's
id: 40952
I capture the moment of Megan capturing the moment
id: 40953
Steve was defeated by the Nutella waffle
id: 40954
Walking back to my apartment
id: 40955
Buzz loves Steve
id: 40956
Neil loves.. everything
id: 40957
And Megan loves cats
id: 40958
Buzz wouldn't leave Steve alone
id: 40959
Buzz walks Dustin through all the coolest places on the moon
id: 40960
Driving! We couldn't get VR and driving working at the same time. Oh well
id: 40961
The cats were so overstimulated
id: 40962
Megan in VR!
id: 40963
Let's go somewhere else
id: 40964
Christina came up from Brooklyn to meet us
id: 40965
Get on the subway!
id: 40966
Steve loves trains
id: 40967
At least the 7 was running this weekend
id: 40968
"How many pictures are you going to take?"
id: 40969
Walking backwards while taking photos is a good way to fall in front of a train
id: 40970
Downtown Manhattan!
id: 40971
What's that suspicious look for?
id: 40972
1 WTC!
id: 40973
Megan engages Cool Mode
id: 40974
While Steve and Dustin engage Tourist Mode
id: 40975
Megan had to take her sunglasses off because tourists aren't cool
id: 40976
Waiting around for.. I forget
id: 40977
Whoa. Too much Dustin
id: 40978
id: 40979
Eww, the New York Stock Exchange
id: 40980
id: 40981
Old guy with a pipe!
id: 40982
Nice little street for eating outside
id: 40983
Meeting someone's friend. Dustin?
id: 40984
"Whatcha got there, a camera?"
id: 40985
What to drink?
id: 40986
Let's consult
id: 40987
Ah yes. Beer!
id: 40988
Steve got a big beer
id: 40989
Dustin is missing his face paint
id: 40990
Back on the subway
id: 40991
Heading to Christina's neighborhood!
id: 40992
Hood mode?
id: 40993
Does this mean you can get drugs here? Probably yes, but not because of the shoes
id: 40994
The worst margarita!
id: 40995
I approve of this sign
id: 40996
Snacks everywhere
id: 40997
Hey there's that guy I am!
id: 40998
You're not reading!
id: 40999
Why so sad?
id: 41000
Ahh, drinks will fix it
id: 41001
The subway station was empty!
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