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10/25/14 - Exploring The Cloisters museum with the Buffalo gang

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id: 41051
We're in New York City?
id: 41052
Hey cool, nice tower
id: 41053
I guess this is the place
id: 41054
Nice path
id: 41055
This place is really weird when you're reading Anathem
id: 41056
Leaves, shade, curvy paths..
id: 41057
Getting closer to the main building
id: 41058
Lots of nice paths
id: 41059
It's all medieval and stuff
id: 41060
Looking up at the tower
id: 41061
Neat windows. I really like these sort of outside, sort of inside spaces
id: 41062
Looking back down the curvy path
id: 41063
Steve and Megan!
id: 41064
Big dome
id: 41065
All the doorways here are enormous
id: 41066
Vaulted ceilings are cool
id: 41067
Whoa. This room is intense
id: 41068
Let's take a picture!
id: 41069
This door looks so small compared to the other ones
id: 41070
This room feels so empty
id: 41071
This place is like a Math from Anathem.. but for Jesus instead of math.
id: 41072
I don't know how they transferred this fresco to canvas, but this is from the early 1100s. Really old!
id: 41073
More really old frescos
id: 41074
id: 41075
Cool door!
id: 41076
Really old columns!
id: 41077
Another awesome inside/outside space. I need a house like this
id: 41078
I guess this is to let in natural light?
id: 41079
Looking in on the.. square? Courtyard?
id: 41080
Really old column tops
id: 41081
These look like they took a long time to make
id: 41082
So detailed!
id: 41083
Hi there
id: 41084
This room is less empty
id: 41085
These chairs don't look comfortable
id: 41086
Religion is silly, but this place is pretty awesome
id: 41087
This place was pretty dark. Such deep windows!
id: 41088
Comfy corner?
id: 41089
More vaulted ceilings
id: 41090
id: 41091
The biggest of the doors. Made in the 1200s!
id: 41092
Old door
id: 41093
More detailed column toppers
id: 41094
Another courtyard area
id: 41095
Lots of great architecture
id: 41096
Hey it's that tower
id: 41097
Internal windows
id: 41098
Stained glass always looks cool
id: 41099
Check out that ceiling
id: 41100
All these tapestries are like 600 years old. It's crazy
id: 41101
This thing is older than the United States! By a lot!
id: 41102
More tapestries
id: 41103
Let's go kill stuff!
id: 41104
This is an intense fireplace
id: 41105
Hey, leave that unicorn alone!
id: 41106
What is this, an altar?
id: 41107
Hey buddy
id: 41108
Whoa. Big eagle thing
id: 41109
What's in that box?
id: 41110
I wonder how long it took to make this
id: 41111
This giant book makes me think of that giant history book in Gummi Bears
id: 41112
Closeup on the tapestry
id: 41113
More super old art
id: 41114
This place is all about arches and columns
id: 41115
This place is pretty cool!
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