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10/27/14 - Go karting with the folks at work! Who will win? Who will crash? Who knows!

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id: 41116
Time for go karts!
id: 41117
Artie wishes he could go but he is busy and lame
id: 41118
Alex is ready to race
id: 41119
Kailey is ready to race
id: 41120
Eiwe is ready to race
id: 41121
We're all ready to race!
id: 41122
Getting the hell out of work
id: 41123
Tillery poses with the elevator
id: 41124
I ran down the stairs to get this shot
id: 41125
Now where do we go
id: 41126
Kailey just wants to race
id: 41127
Walking to Artie's car
id: 41128
Weird plane!
id: 41129
Heading south to get to the tunnel
id: 41130
Hey that's my name!
id: 41131
We won the pre-race: the trip to the track
id: 41132
This is the place!
id: 41133
Henry brought his own helmet
id: 41134
Hey it's a go kart!
id: 41135
Racing suits!
id: 41136
Zoom zoom
id: 41137
Taking pictures of all the stuff on the walls
id: 41138
An earlier group tools around the track
id: 41139
Go 54!
id: 41140
The finish line!
id: 41141
Kailey needs some pre-race snacks
id: 41142
Look at the asterisk at the bottom right. What the hell!
id: 41143
Eiwe is ready to show us how racing is done
id: 41144
Go kart guy explains how this is going to work
id: 41145
Safety briefing
id: 41146
All the karts charging up
id: 41147
id: 41148
Everyone loves safety
id: 41149
id: 41150
Pay attention
id: 41151
Learn all the flags!
id: 41152
id: 41153
Where's the apex?
id: 41154
Eiwe's ready to race
id: 41155
So am I!
id: 41156
So is everyone!
id: 41157
The podium! Next time I'm beating all of them!
id: 41158
Go karting is fun
id: 41159
Alex thinks he's cool with his gold medal
id: 41160
Well that was fun
id: 41161
Time to check email?
id: 41162
The actual layout of the track
id: 41163
And the second track. The track we did was both tracks connected
id: 41164
Now where should we go?
id: 41165
How about a weird German food place?
id: 41166
The traditional New Yorker greeting
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