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10/31/14 - Halloween at work! People really put some effort into their costumes here

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id: 41002
Eiwe just wears this every day to keep people from bugging him with DEVOP tickets
id: 41003
Artie is.. a Chicago hippie? Or something?
id: 41004
Even babies have costumes
id: 41005
Man, you have been working out
id: 41006
James is everyone at tech conferences
id: 41007
Madness in the board room
id: 41008
All the officers were connected by video streams
id: 41009
id: 41010
So many costumes!
id: 41011
Costumes everywhere!
id: 41012
Lots of team themes
id: 41013
Good ol' Team Care Bear. Lock your computers!
id: 41014
Dave plays it cool
id: 41015
Henry is boring
id: 41016
Look out, Eiwe! The tickets will get you!
id: 41017
James should borrow Artie's laptop
id: 41018
id: 41019
Top Gun!
id: 41020
id: 41021
Oh god, he's coming right at me
id: 41022
More Care Bears!
id: 41023
This baby spotted me
id: 41024
This dog did not
id: 41025
Does the coolness of the backwards hat cancel out the lameness of the care bear costume?
id: 41026
Oh god, I can't look at Nate. He's a walking spoiler
id: 41027
Meanwhile, back in the boardroom
id: 41028
Was this costume officially licensed by Disney?
id: 41029
More costumes!
id: 41030
Two ewes. Get it?
id: 41031
Team judgement?
id: 41032
Ned loves magnets
id: 41033
Hi Lee
id: 41034
Fahran is the office pool.. or something.
id: 41035
Hi Kailey
id: 41036
Holy shit!!
id: 41037
This is the most insane costume I have ever seen and I go to a lot of anime conventions
id: 41038
id: 41039
Photos do not do justice to how huge Michael was
id: 41040
I tried to get pictures of him standing next to normal people to give you an idea
id: 41041
Assembling for a team photo with the new team
id: 41042
Like my Shitty Bane costume? Not a shitty Bane costume. Shitty Bane, Tony's character
id: 41043
Michael continues to freak me out
id: 41044
Nate's not scared
id: 41045
Meanwhile... oh my god!! It's an Oculus Rift Devkit 2!
id: 41046
Right here! In front of me!
id: 41047
Our latest piece of hardware.. and I get to play with it!
id: 41048
The tracking camera
id: 41049
Watching for results of the costume contest
id: 41050
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