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11/09/14 - Rippoween 2014! Time to party in Worcester!

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id: 41231
id: 41232
Tony sets up a creepy creepy snack table
id: 41233
I blame Shayna too
id: 41234
Hey guys!
id: 41235
Sweatshirt attack! Run, Shayna!
id: 41236
Futurama is funny
id: 41237
Bryce is concentrating on his Final Fantasy rhythm game
id: 41238
Bender is everywhere
id: 41239
Blehh.. creepy table
id: 41240
Whoa, Bryce is a wizard. No wait, it's just a long exposure of his phone.
id: 41241
Spraying Brett's stupid head orange
id: 41242
Also black stripes. He's a Minion!
id: 41243
Bryce just busted out the ol' bacon costume again
id: 41244
Finally he looks like his Mii!
id: 41245
Tony's friend Jake really ties the room together
id: 41246
Tony and Shayna? I don't know them. Just Gomez and Morticia
id: 41247
Ahhh yes. Rippoween alcohol syringes. A classic
id: 41248
This is what Rippoween is allll about
id: 41249
Bryce's girlfriend Annalise is here representing the Star Fleet
id: 41250
Brett is hoping that liver transplant comes through soon
id: 41251
Whoa, party in the kitchen
id: 41252
Mmm, Tony pizza
id: 41253
This guy wasn't really an FBI agent, he just plays one at parties
id: 41254
I borrowed a really camera flash for the rest of the night.. as you may be able to tell
id: 41255
Sorry James, you'll always be "Derpy James" to me
id: 41256
Brett really committed to his costume
id: 41257
The windowsill club
id: 41258
Chewy and Han? Hanette? Meg was kind enough to let me borrow her camera flash
id: 41259
Jim didn't like me taking his picture but I think it came out nice!
id: 41260
Steph is here! If I recall correctly she is "Steampunk Cinderella"
id: 41261
Don't crush my head, Kirsten!
id: 41262
Brett demonstrates how to look terrible in a photo
id: 41263
Shayna tops off the snack table
id: 41264
I think Jake wants to go bowling
id: 41265
Derpy? Bob? James? You be the judge!
id: 41266
Funny things make Tony laugh
id: 41267
Whoa. Hi Shayna
id: 41268
They frown on this in Bryce's lab
id: 41269
Pizza coming through!
id: 41270
Steph is on to me
id: 41271
Gotta cut the pizza
id: 41272
Mmm, pizza squares
id: 41273
Chewy got a really intense haircut
id: 41274
Pumpkin Pi! Get it??
id: 41275
Hi Brett
id: 41276
It's tough to get candids of Steph. The giant flash on the camera doesn't help its stealth properties
id: 41277
Don't mess with Emily. She has a home-made super-taser in her trunk
id: 41278
Liz kept trying to issue decrees but we are not candy
id: 41279
FBI guy is amazed by Tony's pizza technique
id: 41280
I mean, who wouldn't be
id: 41281
The kitchen party is intense
id: 41282
Photobomb Minion Brett
id: 41283
Tony and Shayna are great party hosts
id: 41284
This guy, not so much
id: 41285
Forbidden cupcakes
id: 41286
Liz's pink face kept freaking me out
id: 41287
Gathering around the looping "spooky scary skeleton" video
id: 41288
It's a one minute video on loop.. that we watched for over 45 minutes
id: 41289
What's up, Brett?
id: 41290
Yes, the video is still playing
id: 41291
Mmm, pizza and guns
id: 41292
Bryce isn't really bacon. He just plays one at parties
id: 41293
Drinking may lead to snark-face
id: 41294
Take Annalise to your leader
id: 41295
Annalise still doesn't quite have the hang of the Vulcan greeting
id: 41296
Planning? Dancing?
id: 41297
id: 41298
I'm alarmed how well the mustache works for Tony. I don't want to encourage him
id: 41299
Party cop
id: 41300
Oh no, Shitty Bane!
id: 41301
Steph knows how to strike a pose
id: 41302
The photobomber becomes the photobombee!
id: 41303
Great costumes, guys
id: 41304
Dance, Shayna, dance!
id: 41305
Steph made her dress herself!
id: 41306
"Ah haaa"
id: 41307
"No pictures!"
id: 41308
OK maybe just one
id: 41309
It's time to scan Brett so we can illegally pirate him online
id: 41310
Bryce tries the typewriter
id: 41311
Meg is dancing now!
id: 41312
Everyone is dancing!
id: 41313
Dancing is fun
id: 41314
Liz just looks like she's shouting too loud and has gone red in the face
id: 41315
Calm down!!
id: 41316
This is what happens when you give drunk people a video camera
id: 41317
"You know what I'm sayin'?"
id: 41318
Science-Tony prepares another subject
id: 41319
Now stay still...
id: 41320
Liz adds to Tony's strange wallpaper
id: 41321
Don't startle Tony
id: 41322
What is even going on here?
id: 41323
Whoa. Scary print
id: 41324
Liz suffers for her art
id: 41325
Ahh!! Shayna!
id: 41326
The confessional station
id: 41327
Some sort of fortune telling was happening in the living room.. but I didn't get a picture of the cards
id: 41328
Brett plays a dangerous game..
id: 41329
..and loses
id: 41330
Hey, where did Tony's mustache go?
id: 41331
Who scratched Steph?
id: 41332
Bryce concentrates on Magic
id: 41333
Mmm.. land is good
id: 41334
Goodnight from the Star Wars contingent
id: 41335
Steph tries to figure out her next move
id: 41336
Meg too
id: 41337
Bryce tricked us all into not killing him early and got us in the end
id: 41338
Brett isn't happy that I'm documenting his slobbishness
id: 41339
Steph isn't impressed with Brett's Magic advice
id: 41340
He knows what he's talking about, Steph!
id: 41341
She lost anyway..
id: 41342
But that's OK!
id: 41343
Because Magic is fun!
id: 41344
Having a fun night?
id: 41345
Hey it's that guy I am!
id: 41346
Bryce wins again
id: 41347
"Howww did I lose?"
id: 41348
"Cause ya stink"
id: 41349
Tony wonders what all these people are doing in his basement
id: 41350
"Magic, you say.."
id: 41351
Parties are fun
id: 41352
Oh god. I can tell I drank too much when I start finding photos of myself
id: 41353
Leaves are pretty
id: 41354
Going back to New York!
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