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11/16/14 - I tag along as Suz and her friends ride horses

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id: 41167
Hi there
id: 41168
Coffee! Got to stay alert when riding horses
id: 41169
Suz has a really intense stink-face when she wants to
id: 41170
Let's go ride horses
id: 41171
Neat silo
id: 41172
Janet, the instructor, rides the big horse
id: 41173
Suz is excited
id: 41174
Suz's horse is Buzz! He's much bigger than my Buzz
id: 41175
His next door neighbor is Woody. Get it?
id: 41176
Horse neighbors! ...neeeighbors.
id: 41177
Helen is up first
id: 41178
Helen is having fun
id: 41179
Goddamn, I love autumn
id: 41180
Horses are pretty photogenic
id: 41181
Xarissa's horse has a weird mask
id: 41182
Suz waits for her turn
id: 41183
Xarissa's horse is named Snapple
id: 41184
I've learned that people riding horses make weird faces because they have to concentrate. Don't judge them, it's hard!
id: 41185
Round and round they go
id: 41186
Leaves are pretty, you guys
id: 41187
A wider view of the horse.. circle.. area.
id: 41188
Galloping? Trotting? Cantering? Some sort of slightly faster horse movement.
id: 41189
id: 41190
Don't fall off!
id: 41191
Ahhh, this looks hard
id: 41192
Suz is cold. Or maybe warm. Suz is something.
id: 41193
Helen is careful to look straight ahead to stay stable
id: 41194
Janet calls out instructions to Helen and Xarissa
id: 41195
Listen carefully
id: 41196
id: 41197
I'm impressed the horse pulls his legs up properly. I guess I'm easily impressed
id: 41198
This horse is warm. And lonely.
id: 41199
Lift those knees!
id: 41200
Suz is ready!
id: 41201
Suz and Buzz are buddies. Probably because they both have so many Zs in their names
id: 41202
Buzz thinks that joke was lame
id: 41203
Insert "Suz is short" joke here
id: 41204
Out to the ring
id: 41205
Hi Suz!
id: 41206
Helen and April strike a pose
id: 41207
Snapple, Xarissa, April, and Helen. Fun times in the leaves!
id: 41208
Time to bring the horses back
id: 41209
Good ride!
id: 41210
Meanwhile, Suz is just getting started
id: 41211
Snazzy helmet
id: 41212
Got to concentrate on form
id: 41213
Getting tips from Janet
id: 41214
Around the corner..
id: 41215
Over obstacles!
id: 41216
Coming up on the obstacles
id: 41217
Janet knows what she's talking about
id: 41218
Horse and leaves!
id: 41219
Suz is having fun
id: 41220
id: 41221
Wheee, horses!
id: 41222
id: 41223
Check out Suz's fancy Elsa gloves
id: 41224
Going around for another lap
id: 41225
What's that face supposed to be?
id: 41226
Buzz kept looking at me. I was distracting him
id: 41227
All done
id: 41228
Buzz kept eating leaves like a doofus
id: 41229
No more leaves for you, back to the stable
id: 41230
Back in Buzz's room
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