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11/19/14 - Law and Order SVU takes over the office to film a few scenes for an upcoming episode

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id: 41364
Well, I guess I work at LMZ now
id: 41365
Getting gear ready for the shoot
id: 41366
Fake magazines, toys, etc
id: 41367
They blacked out the windows, which was pretty confusing
id: 41368
Fake cameras
id: 41369
Fake workplace!
id: 41370
Real pizza though
id: 41371
I forget what this TV was for
id: 41372
Weird.. tiny ping pong
id: 41373
Another fake work station
id: 41374
Hey I think this one is a real camera.. or.. a ghost trapper.
id: 41375
I have no idea what all this gear is
id: 41376
Hey it's that clapper thing!
id: 41377
Corralling extras
id: 41378
Lonely microphone
id: 41379
That is an intense camera
id: 41380
Hey another clapper thing
id: 41381
They let me hold it!
id: 41382
Stand-ins rehearse the scene
id: 41383
Cameraman practice the movements
id: 41384
Other cameras!
id: 41385
The Director of Photography hung out at my desk and solved one of my Rubik's Cubes
id: 41386
So many giant cameras
id: 41387
Hey it's the real actors!
id: 41388
Mariska Hargitay! It's weird seeing celebrities in person
id: 41389
Spoiler: She looked and sounded like she does on TV. I asked for a photo with her and she was very friendly and nice but also busy so I never got one
id: 41390
More crazy cameras
id: 41391
Are they taking it apart?
id: 41392
The proper way to hold a giant camera
id: 41393
This guy's getting ready to put his Smartrifle on. Or steadycam.
id: 41394
id: 41395
Good thing the camera isn't pointed this way
id: 41396
I found the script!
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