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11/23/14 - Mel comes to visit and brings me to a guerilla film shoot!

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id: 41397
Mel: Master of terrible faces
id: 41398
Mmm, what to get at Foxy's?
id: 41399
Oh god! The worst of faces!
id: 41400
"Why do you keep taking pictures of me??"
id: 41401
Mel's boyfriend Will is working on a music video shoot in a law office. Let's watch!
id: 41402
Be sure your settings are right!
id: 41403
Will checks his steadycam mount
id: 41404
Filming scenes for the music video!
id: 41405
Even a simple music video is pretty complicated
id: 41406
Mel doesn't care whose shot she gets in. Not her problem!
id: 41407
Checking the shot
id: 41408
Various.. camera gear?
id: 41409
Touring the office
id: 41410
A lull in the shoot
id: 41411
Checking the camera
id: 41412
Cameras are tricky
id: 41413
Taking it apart?
id: 41414
Fix that light!
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