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11/23/14 - Mel, Suz, and I head to Borders for Chris Hadfield's book signing

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id: 41415
Why is Suz so suspicious?
id: 41416
Is it because Canadians are so sneaky?
id: 41417
id: 41418
Hey it's Chris Hadfield!
id: 41419
I know that guy
id: 41420
He told interesting stories about preparing for launch
id: 41421
And also about how to live your life if you want to be an astronaut, or achieve any other difficult goal
id: 41422
The cover of the book he was here for
id: 41423
id: 41424
Commander Hadfield was a very engaging and interesting speaker
id: 41425
Tiny audience volunteers!
id: 41426
Don't fall down
id: 41427
This kid seemed a little unsure of what to do
id: 41428
Why not take a nap
id: 41429
Almost time to get our books signed!
id: 41430
So close!
id: 41431
This guy was prepared
id: 41432
I wonder if he got any strange looks on the subway
id: 41433
I'm next!
id: 41434
I told him about other astronauts I had met and he knew them all
id: 41435
We shook hands but had already finished when the photo was taken
id: 41436
Mel looks so awkward because she went back for the handshake
id: 41437
Suz was the least awkward
id: 41438
What better way to spend the rest of the afternoon than climbing a little?
id: 41439
This is probably a bad idea
id: 41440
I printed a large photo for Commander Hadfield to sign
id: 41441
I also bought his first book
id: 41442
He accidentally made this one out to JB but I guess those are still my initials so whatever
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