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11/27/14 - Thanksgiving! Dinner with Mom, Becky, Nick, and Gragra

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id: 41443
No, I'm definitely not taking your picture
id: 41444
Nick is super interested in this conversation
id: 41445
id: 41446
Becky looks so startled
id: 41447
Don't try to take Gragra's cookie
id: 41448
I'm a classy Red Bull drinker. Or at least a glassy one.
id: 41449
Setting the table..
id: 41450
Who will sit where??? AHHHH!!!
id: 41451
Hi Gragra
id: 41452
id: 41453
Let's play with Gragra's medical equipment
id: 41454
Hi there
id: 41455
Becky had very slightly high blood pressure and we spent all night freaking her out saying she was going to die
id: 41456
Almost time to eat!
id: 41457
Mmm, turkey
id: 41458
Not sure what this face is for, Becky
id: 41459
Carve it up, Mom!
id: 41460
Careful with the potatoes!
id: 41461
Serving everyone before eating
id: 41462
Gragra's so hungry
id: 41463
Dig in!
id: 41464
Mom brought Gragra a little kangaroo plush from Australia!
id: 41465
Becky got a Sydney t-shirt!
id: 41466
Mom talking about Australia. She had a fun time
id: 41467
Nick and I got boomerangs. I'm sure my neighbors in Queens won't mind me testing it
id: 41468
I got a pen with a kangaroo on top! He's missing an ear but I think it gives him character
id: 41469
I also got this funny walking kangaroo but the slope has to be just right
id: 41470
Meanwhile.. Becky got kangaroo JERKY
id: 41471
My boomerang!
id: 41472
Such an attentive listener
id: 41473
Gragra had fun!
id: 41474
So did Mom!
id: 41475
Yaay, posing for pictures
id: 41476
Gragra secretly hates kangaroos
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