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11/29/14 - Boston's Museum of Science with Brett, Steph, Suz, and Beany!

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id: 41535
Suz was freaked out when I told her how the pendulum clock worked
id: 41536
Ready for SCIENCE??
id: 41537
Not even coins can escape a black hole
id: 41538
"Is your hair blue?"
id: 41539
MoS lobby
id: 41540
Steph loves science
id: 41541
That blur in the middle is a coin
id: 41542
Beany's here!
id: 41543
Beany seems unsure of the science
id: 41544
The Mercury capsules were absurdly small
id: 41545
Cool scale models of various space stations
id: 41546
Mir looks so small compared to the Shuttle and ISS!
id: 41547
I.. want to take these.
id: 41548
Beany is floating in space
id: 41549
Suz loves spaceships but hates that this photo is blurry
id: 41550
Even T-rexes get cold
id: 41551
Sadly this is the only face Suz can make
id: 41552
Giant Van de Graaff generator!!
id: 41553
Ooo, Tesla coil
id: 41554
The Van de Graaff generator at the Museum of Science looks so cool
id: 41555
I kept trying to get a good photo of this tornado but annoying little kids kept sticking their hands in it!
id: 41556
Steph gets quizzed on weather
id: 41557
See?? Damn kids!!
id: 41558
Push the button!
id: 41559
The magic flying disc
id: 41560
Another view of the imposing Van de Graaff generator
id: 41561
I'm scared
id: 41562
The guy doing the electricity presentation was great
id: 41563
Lighting a fluorescent bulb at a distance! Magic!
id: 41564
The big Tesla coils were loud
id: 41565
Zap zap zap
id: 41566
This is how scientists were created
id: 41567
And the grand finale!
id: 41568
Brett doesn't know anything about dinosaurs
id: 41569
Amber! It's perfect for my cane
id: 41570
id: 41571
My phone is better
id: 41572
Steph can pretend she is tall
id: 41573
A cool mockup of the interior of the LM
id: 41574
It's crazy to think this thing could fly. I mean.. I'm sure the wings helped.
id: 41575
That doesn't look right..
id: 41576
Jet engine!
id: 41577
A wider shot of the rotary engine
id: 41578
So many compressor blades
id: 41579
Steph, you got so small!
id: 41580
Such concentration
id: 41581
The dot in the center is from Caesar's time
id: 41582
I'm always scared a ball will fall out of this..
id: 41583
Beep boop boop beep
id: 41584
We all paid five bucks for this stupid simulator ride
id: 41585
"You taking a picture of me eating?"
id: 41586
Minecraft has come a long way
id: 41587
Electricity, eeee-lectricity
id: 41588
Beany, I know you're upset but it's time to go home
id: 41589
id: 41590
Penny execution
id: 41591
Oh noooooo
id: 41592
Everyone say RAWWWRRR
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