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12/24/14 - Time for our yearly pilgrimage to Marshfield for Christmas with the Burkes!

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id: 41593
Dad is ready to mingle
id: 41594
Perfect mingling situation
id: 41595
This little kid could not understand Dad's mustache
id: 41596
Don't worry, kid, neither can I
id: 41597
It's very confusing
id: 41598
Dad thought it was funny
id: 41599
Nail polish is also confusing
id: 41600
As are cameras
id: 41601
Brian looks alarmingly like Uncle Jimmy in this photo
id: 41602
Hi Aunt Nancy!
id: 41603
Dad brings his empties home like an insane person
id: 41604
Tracking Santa with NORAD is a yearly tradition now!
id: 41605
This kid is intense
id: 41606
Dad always called Uncle Jimmy "Brother Jimmy"
id: 41607
"What do you call me??"
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