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12/26/14 - Christmas time is here! Let's open presents and wonder why it's not cold out

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id: 41608
It's important to look good on Christmas
id: 41609
Mom's sentries
id: 41610
Mmm, bacon
id: 41611
id: 41612
Pretty pretty tree
id: 41613
Mom's got the most important gift: the gift of caffeine
id: 41614
Becky got Mom a frame with photos of her trip to Australia!
id: 41615
id: 41616
Becky reacted to the first gift I got her exactly as I suspected she would
id: 41617
It's because I got her a DVD of The Mothman Prophecies, a vaguely scary movie that she hated as a kid
id: 41618
Real Ugg boots from Australia!
id: 41619
And they're in a rare color
id: 41620
I somehow accidentally did a weird forced perspective shot here and made Becky look like she's nine feet tall
id: 41621
What's next?
id: 41622
We had so much fun last year I had to get it for her. I just made her promise not to play it with me anymore because that was toooo weird
id: 41623
Oh man. This is a book that will give me some bad ideas
id: 41624
Another interesting book! Time to learn way too much about everybody's favorite interplanetary military branch
id: 41625
Becky loves her new boots
id: 41626
Since stupid Apple changed their stupid connector I got Becky a new iHome so she can wake up to music!
id: 41627
Like my bow strategy?
id: 41628
Okayy... probably not toilet paper. Look in the center!
id: 41629
It's a space shuttle charm for her charm bracelet! She really liked it so I guess I did good this year
id: 41630
Macaroni is on the prowl for paper.. and he doesn't have to look far
id: 41631
Becky got me the new Smash Bros game! Perfect for humiliating Bryce in online play
id: 41632
Macaroni doesn't understand Christmas but he likes it
id: 41633
Who wants more presents?
id: 41634
Who's next?
id: 41635
I got a crazy robot arm that I have to build myself! I can't wait to confuse the cats with this one
id: 41636
Becky is into her new bathrobe
id: 41637
Mom's house is always cold so I got her a snuggie. Hello Kitty seemed like a good theme
id: 41638
Ooo, some art from Australia for my apartment!
id: 41639
Macaroni is waiting for his chance to really dig into the paper
id: 41640
A Red Bull Racing hat to go with my Red Bull Racing hoodie!
id: 41641
Becky's got a snazzy new watch
id: 41642
And I've got fancy new pans!
id: 41643
Becky does the "new purse thing" dance
id: 41644
Their handwriting is a lot better than you would expect
id: 41645
I swear Red Bull isn't paying me
id: 41646
I'm not sure what this is but Mom seems happy with it
id: 41647
Macaroni has sunk to a new low
id: 41648
Mmm, poached eggs on english muffins
id: 41649
Meanwhile, I augment my Christmas breakfast with.. madness
id: 41650
Australia lurks in the distance..
id: 41651
Yaaay, Christmas breakfast!
id: 41652
Gragra looks so startled for her photo
id: 41653
Let's try that again. This time I'll flub the shot.
id: 41654
Gragra was amazed by the "how to do stuff" book
id: 41655
Thanks for taking this family photo, Nick!
id: 41656
Gragra is happy to see everyone
id: 41657
Yaay, Auntie hugs
id: 41658
What is that, earrings? I'm going to go with earrings
id: 41659
Becky passes out gifts
id: 41660
Gragra was taking so long to open my gift that I had time to come over and take a picture
id: 41661
Large print crosswords! Hopefully a little easier on the eyes
id: 41662
So many wine icicle things
id: 41663
Nick really likes his new coat
id: 41664
Christmas fun times
id: 41665
Aunt Teresa liked the stupid robot Christmas tree I got her. It's hilarious and as a bonus it drives Greg and Uncle Chris crazy
id: 41666
What's in here?
id: 41667
Hmmm.. foreshadowing?
id: 41668
A space shuttle night light! With the light turned on it sort of looks like it's going through reentry
id: 41669
Ahh, Christmas.
id: 41670
I managed to capture Becky's face the very moment she realized that Gragra's gift this year was a little more than the usual cash in the card
id: 41671
Christmas dinner!
id: 41672
Becky's popper had an annoying whistle in it. Yaaay
id: 41673
Mom will hate this photo but I like it
id: 41674
With this crown, Nick reminds me of that guy in Archie comics
id: 41675
Becky does not
id: 41676
Paper crowns are funny
id: 41677
Right, Gragra?
id: 41678
Becky demonstrates her annoying new whistle..
id: 41679
..and threats were made..
id: 41680
Roast Beef!
id: 41681
"Oh they have phones that flip now?"
id: 41682
I got Dad the second season to The Wire. Hopefully the subtitles work..
id: 41683
What does Becky have?
id: 41684
You can't hide from the camera
id: 41685
A big box of beef jerky!
id: 41686
Becky says it's good
id: 41687
Dad got me some great waterproof boots! This should make winter in the city a lot nicer
id: 41688
Becky demonstrates her new rainproof jacket
id: 41689
She'll never be cold again!
id: 41690
Dad gets an A for effort... he got a warning dialogue on his computer and drew the entire thing for me to diagnose!!
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