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12/28/14 - Visiting Gragra and showing her my new camera

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id: 41816
Hi Gragra!
id: 41817
You can't hide from me
id: 41818
Mom loves when I take her photo
id: 41819
Posing together!
id: 41820
Mom helps keep Gragra's head warm
id: 41821
Some nice shots!
id: 41822
I explain to Gragra how to operate the camera
id: 41823
Gragra-vision! I love the feet!!
id: 41824
Demonstrating the remote-shoot capability with the EOS Remote app on my phone
id: 41825
Gragra was impressed
id: 41826
Say cheese!
id: 41827
id: 41828
Toolin' around with her walker
id: 41829
I think Gragra is ready for lunch
id: 41830
Talking over recent events
id: 41831
A nice slice of life photo
id: 41832
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