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01/02/15 - My whirlwind of travel activity continues as I fly to Rochester

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id: 41929
This terminal had a bunch of iPads for everyone to use. Very convenient!
id: 41930
This is not my airplane
id: 41931
You know, as far as terminals go, this one isn't bad
id: 41932
Is it time to board yet?
id: 41933
We had to take a shuttle bus to our plane
id: 41934
Shuttle busssss
id: 41935
This guy was really concerned about if this was our plane or not. Why would they bring us here if it wasn't?
id: 41936
Get onboard!
id: 41937
I guess these block wind?
id: 41938
A miracle of modern engineering.. or just a little shuttle plane
id: 41939
The seats look OK
id: 41940
And away we go
id: 41941
Welcome to colorful Rochester
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