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01/02/15 - Meeting the groom's party for lunch and then hanging with some cool cats

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id: 41942
Hi Brian, thanks for the airport pickup
id: 41943
Topaz tries to understand the nature of the large device in my hand that has some sort of optical element on the front of it
id: 41944
The man of the hour! Ben is pretty relaxed for someone who's getting married tomorrow
id: 41945
This side of the table is where they keep the Erics
id: 41946
Tea is pretty good
id: 41947
I think he figured out what the object with some sort of optical element on it is for
id: 41948
What is Ben going to eat?
id: 41949
Topaz enjoys a chunk of gluten
id: 41950
Ben's pretty good about ignoring the giant camera in his face
id: 41951
Brian seems unsure of.. something
id: 41952
That's right.. just sip your tea.. *clickclickclickclick*
id: 41953
Ohio Eric! We call him that because he's from Nebraska
id: 41954
Strange marshmallow-esque bread puff things
id: 41955
"Pretty good, eh?"
id: 41956
Oh hi there
id: 41957
Single Ben! Well.. engaged Ben. But not for long!
id: 41958
Joel seems confused by the planning for the rest of the afternoon
id: 41959
Topaz is excited. But he's usually indiscriminately excited
id: 41960
Look who we found at the gas station!
id: 41961
As someone who lives in New York, the concept of an empty room completely blows my mind
id: 41962
Whoa, what an unusually small cow. Meet Axl!
id: 41963
"See the thing about cats.."
id: 41964
And who is this creature?
id: 41965
That's right, it's Cleo!
id: 41966
Cleo was a little more friendly but tough to take a picture of cause she kept moving
id: 41967
What's up with your nose, Cleo?
id: 41968
She doesn't know
id: 41969
Cats are fun
id: 41970
Topaz could use this for his official Synacor photo
id: 41971
Cleo loves pencils! Specifically pencils, not pens. She's a very discerning cat.
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