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01/02/15 - We regroup for the wedding rehearsal!

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id: 41972
The streets of Rochester are a little different from the streets of Queens
id: 41973
Good lord, who made this terrifying Santa??
id: 41974
id: 41975
Whoa. Not only does Ohio Eric also have a 70D, he even has a battery grip!
id: 41976
A camera duel of equals! But wait.. he's got the 50mm f/1.4 on there and I only have a f/1.8! Damn!!
id: 41977
Topaz is our drug dealer.
id: 41978
Joel talks to Dani's grandmother Neena
id: 41979
Topaz is excited to finally have joined the modern era of smartphones. Bummer about the keyboard but what can you do
id: 41980
Dani's here!
id: 41981
Suzi is caffeinated up and ready to go
id: 41982
They were both pretty relaxed
id: 41983
The Erics just like to be as close to the alcohol as possible
id: 41984
My fellow passage-readers
id: 41985
Insert tall-Joel joke here
id: 41986
Hey guys, Ben has something to say
id: 41987
Inspecting the ring
id: 41988
This is the face Topaz's face makes when he's unable to think about Perl for a moment
id: 41989
id: 41990
"This is where we'll put the disco ball"
id: 41991
Lots of people involved in a wedding
id: 41992
id: 41993
id: 41994
id: 41995
id: 41996
La la la
id: 41997
Floating down the aisle
id: 41998
This wedding brought to you by the Ministry of Silly Walks
id: 41999
This Dani brought to you by Kenny
id: 42000
id: 42001
Officiant Denise explains how this works
id: 42002
Dani pays close attention
id: 42003
Suzi performs the dance of her people
id: 42004
You guys, Joel is REALLY tall
id: 42005
Creepy Santa knows what you've been up to
id: 42006
Kimmy seems concerned
id: 42007
Kate does not
id: 42008
Time to check into the hotel?
id: 42009
Hotel check-in is fun, apparently
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