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01/02/15 - Rehearsal's done, let's go eat!

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id: 42010
Teo and Phrobyn. Or is it Timothy and Robyn?
id: 42011
Ben thanks everyone for being there. Thanks Ben!
id: 42012
Topaz tried his hand at Hitman: GO.
id: 42013
Dani checks in on the other table
id: 42014
So attentive!
id: 42015
Teo samples the beer
id: 42016
Phrobyn was camera shy.. which of course just makes me determined to get a good shot. Sorry!
id: 42017
Uhoh. I have lost control of the camera
id: 42018
Hi Topaz
id: 42019
Ahh, the benefits of not being keto
id: 42020
Brian likes stories
id: 42021
What's going on over here?
id: 42022
Dani makes the rounds
id: 42023
Beth, Ben's mom, was having a good time
id: 42024
What's Suzi got?
id: 42025
What did Ben and Dani get Topaz?
id: 42026
It's a Minecraft redstone guide!
id: 42027
Say cheese!
id: 42028
What's up, Kate?
id: 42029
Phrobyn is cold?
id: 42030
Shoulder rubs!
id: 42031
It was a good night
id: 42032
Topaz is gluten free.. for now
id: 42033
Getting ready to head out?
id: 42034
Kate likes head massages. But really, who doesn't?
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