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01/02/15 - Back to hotel for some final checks and, more importantly, games!

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id: 42035
Ben figured it would be prudent to check his uniform
id: 42036
Let's watch
id: 42037
Dani's not allowed to see these photos until after tomorrow
id: 42038
Hey, looking spiffy
id: 42039
id: 42040
How do bowties even work?
id: 42041
Ahh, that's how
id: 42042
Ben looks so startled
id: 42043
Kate does not
id: 42044
With Ben's uniform safely out of sight, Dani swings by
id: 42045
Liz dropped the sugar peas
id: 42046
Time for an unusually complicated card game
id: 42047
Kristin is not participating
id: 42048
But these nerds are
id: 42049
Brian keeps all these games in his trunk at all times. No joke
id: 42050
Eric seems overwhelmed
id: 42051
I have no idea how this games works
id: 42052
Building a card wall?
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