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01/03/15 - The big moment at last.. Ben and Dani get married!

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id: 42101
Sweet dragon logo
id: 42102
Ha, I like the reference
id: 42103
Brian's amazing sleep-while-standing trick
id: 42104
Teo wanted to make sure he didn't leave any fingerprints
id: 42105
id: 42106
People are starting to arrive
id: 42107
Ben is pretty excited
id: 42108
Hey, more punchcards! Pretty clever use of them
id: 42109
Hi Brian
id: 42110
Ahhh, it's starting!
id: 42111
The groomsmen!
id: 42112
I think she does
id: 42113
id: 42114
You did it!!
id: 42115
Well that was fun
id: 42116
Everyone clapped
id: 42117
id: 42118
Everyone was all smiles
id: 42119
Somehow I didn't get that this was a card of cards. I am dumb
id: 42120
I was assigned to the Gelatinous Cube table
id: 42121
So of course, I took a photo of it
id: 42122
Brian is also sitting with me
id: 42123
Also Hez!
id: 42124
Dani came to visit!
id: 42125
What you say?
id: 42126
The wedding party all made a great dancing intro but I only managed to get a good shot of Joel and Suzi
id: 42127
This is super out of focus but Topaz's toast was pretty amazing so I wanted to include something of it
id: 42128
Oh I see how it is. I get a gelatinous cube and you guys get DRAGONS
id: 42129
Ben: still a goofball
id: 42130
Cutting the [cup]cake with a SABER
id: 42131
That was cool!
id: 42132
Oh god, be careful!
id: 42133
Feeding each other the tiny cake!
id: 42134
Me and the other photographers ensure we have enough coverage to recreate this scene in 3d later
id: 42135
Be very very glad I did not include the aftermath of this photo
id: 42136
Kate at her Katest
id: 42137
Time for the first dance?
id: 42138
id: 42139
Let's all watch them dance
id: 42140
The photographer was committed
id: 42141
A nice moment
id: 42142
I was surprised that the song they chose was Bananaphone. No not really.
id: 42143
I bet Dani would have danced to Bananaphone
id: 42144
Time to play the "If you've been married for N years" game!
id: 42145
Hi guys!
id: 42146
Joel and Suzi have been married for N years
id: 42147
More dancing!
id: 42148
Kate is feeling pretty blue
id: 42149
This was some really energetic dancing
id: 42150
Go RIT people!
id: 42151
They're tigers
id: 42152
RWAG! The gaming group where Ben and Dani met
id: 42153
Of course, I made it about space. I make everything about space
id: 42154
This is a cool thing to frame
id: 42155
Time for fancy cigars
id: 42156
Not a fan of cigars?
id: 42157
Ben is ready to get his smoke on
id: 42158
Matt knows what he's doing
id: 42159
Ben tries to get his cigar lit
id: 42160
A little windshield goes a long way
id: 42161
Now Ben is official cool
id: 42162
Matt's been working on his "cool looking smoke cloud" effect
id: 42163
Mr. Hally looks pretty natural with a cigar
id: 42164
Suzi can't have a cigar. Girls don't smoke cigars. Who do you think you are?
id: 42165
Susan has a flask. That's like a cigar that you drink
id: 42166
Oh you have a mustache? I suppose you can have a cigar
id: 42167
Quite a group
id: 42168
Quite a group indeed
id: 42169
id: 42170
Chris was close but had no cigar
id: 42171
This is Ben's "I'm cool with a cigar" face
id: 42172
This is mine.... not as cool
id: 42173
This is my "I just accidentally inhaled a little cigar smoke" face
id: 42174
Ben's mom is pretty cool, you guys
id: 42175
But not as cool as this crazy dancing kid! He was on fire!
id: 42176
id: 42177
Look at him go!
id: 42178
These guys were not as good at dancing.. but they were enthusiastic
id: 42179
id: 42180
Dani's having a good time
id: 42181
Christian sat at my table and was a pretty cool guy
id: 42182
As evidenced by his fashion sense, demonstrated here!
id: 42183
D&D character cards for all!
id: 42184
What's up there, Kate?
id: 42185
Look at that kid go!
id: 42186
Ben cannot handle it
id: 42187
Spiffy hat
id: 42188
Looking good!
id: 42189
id: 42190
Salute practice
id: 42191
Dani inspects the troops
id: 42192
This looks.. dangerous
id: 42193
Dani kept the hat
id: 42194
Where are you going??
id: 42195
This is a tricky kiss to pull off
id: 42196
Alright, back to the reception
id: 42197
What is this face??
id: 42198
Or this face???
id: 42199
Let's all gather with creepy Santa
id: 42200
Oh god!!! Creepy Santa is way creepier than we thought! ...or maybe we are the creeps
id: 42201
"You guys coming back?"
id: 42202
As far as I can tell this group is "Group of People who Demanded a Group Photo"
id: 42203
id: 42204
You guys, weddings are pretty fun
id: 42205
It's the stage of the night where everyone is taking group photos
id: 42206
Eric took this photo himself, using my phone as a remote
id: 42207
Donald throws Eric into the stratosphere
id: 42208
Everybody dance!!
id: 42209
"Are you still taking pictures??"
id: 42210
They're kicking us out and it's their keg.. pump all the beer out!! I did my part by drinking several cups way too fast
id: 42211
"We have to leave?"
id: 42212
Whoa! Cool cloak!
id: 42213
Chris is also doing his part towards the "save the beer" effort
id: 42214
I'm pretty sure Brian and Joel are the same species
id: 42215
That was fun! Let's go to the afterparty!
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