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01/04/15 - The reception venue kicked us out.. let's go to the afterparty!

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id: 42053
I don't even know whose room this is
id: 42054
The newlyweds are a lot more comfy
id: 42055
Chris is having quite a night
id: 42056
Everything is party business
id: 42057
Do not disturb this laptop
id: 42058
Nothing like wine straight from the bottle
id: 42059
Hi there
id: 42060
More wine!
id: 42061
Bunny ears??
id: 42062
Thumbs up, Kimmy
id: 42063
Drinking from various containers
id: 42064
Let's ALL drink from various containers!
id: 42065
id: 42066
This looks like quite a story being told
id: 42067
id: 42068
Guys, remember last night? ...not really.
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