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01/12/15 - Cyril visits from France, let's get a team dinner!

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id: 42328
Fun art on the Subway signs
id: 42329
Hey! It's Cyril in the real world!
id: 42330
Nate is ready for some dinner
id: 42331
Let's go!
id: 42332
Max seems unsure
id: 42333
It's weird seeing Cyril from the side since usually he's just looking directly into a webcam
id: 42334
Jacob's here, we can order!
id: 42335
Nate seems jealous of Jacob's water
id: 42336
Max seems more sure now. Of what? Who knows
id: 42337
As usual, the guys on the other side of the table get the most photographic coverage because it's easier for me
id: 42338
Jacob is into this story
id: 42339
Jokes are funny
id: 42340
Hrm. Dinner's over, time to go
id: 42341
New York at night!
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