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01/15/15 - Work heads downstairs for bowling, laser tag, pool, and general fun!

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id: 42241
Alan has been taking bowling lessons from Bryce. The ol' smoooothball
id: 42242
Kailey tries to get everyone to pay attention long enough to enter their names
id: 42243
Alice's preferred bowling technique is to drop the ball so loudly it startles the pins into falling over
id: 42244
Go Alan Go
id: 42245
Plenty of people in the audience to watch and heckle
id: 42246
Go towards the light!
id: 42247
Hello? Yes, this is bowling ball
id: 42248
Pin destruction!
id: 42249
Eiwe is very happy with how that roll went
id: 42250
Alice is actually happy
id: 42251
I couldn't get any photos of laser tag since it was dark and.. well.. cause I played in every session. But here's the room where you put the vests on!
id: 42252
A couple people did the ropes course but they were all done by the time I took pictures. I think this guy works for Bowlmor
id: 42253
Well that was fun. Now what?
id: 42254
Group photo!!
id: 42255
Stinkface Craig
id: 42256
Ah, that's what. Beer!
id: 42257
Cyril shares his French gang signs with us
id: 42258
Alice and Sarah are ready for some pool
id: 42259
Artie lines up the shot..
id: 42260
Kailey's looking for some pool tips
id: 42261
If you think the colors look a little weird in this collection it's because the actual event was super orange and I did what I could to fix it
id: 42262
Nate's got a tricky shot
id: 42263
Hi Kailey
id: 42264
Janelle is a master photo bomber
id: 42265
Cyril has spotted me
id: 42266
Good times at the bar
id: 42267
Mike looks cold
id: 42268
I just realized I somehow went all night without playing a round of pool
id: 42269
Get out of the way, Cyril!
id: 42270
Artie and Tillery watch on
id: 42271
This is bad beer form. You're supposed to drink it, not put it down
id: 42272
Don't try to take Alice's pool stick
id: 42273
Hey Kailey, hey Kailey, is this distracting?
id: 42274
Max knows how to make a photo magical
id: 42275
Ahh, the perils of a narrow depth of field
id: 42276
This is the face of a man who is confident in his pool agme
id: 42277
Cyrl looks like he knows what he's doing
id: 42278
I don't think I saw Mike play all night either
id: 42279
"That photo sums up me and James' entire relationship"
id: 42280
You know what makes pictures easy? Super orange light and then also a super bright (white) light in the background
id: 42281
James gets photobombed once again
id: 42282
Hit the ball!
id: 42283
Let's go with the story that Eiwe is on his phone because he's battling hackers
id: 42284
James has such intensity
id: 42285
Chris and James manage to get a non-photobombed shot
id: 42286
Eiwe is very tricky
id: 42287
Artie is wearing some sort of life preserver
id: 42288
Pool tips?
id: 42289
This is a photo of James trying to control the pool balls with his mind
id: 42290
Mmm, beer
id: 42291
Suddenly, violence!
id: 42293
Violence is funny
id: 42294
Like a deer caught in the headlights
id: 42295
Careful Ian..
id: 42296
Whose turn is it?
id: 42297
Focus on the ball..
id: 42299
And away goes Artie
id: 42300
Hitting the 8-ball?
id: 42301
Meanwhile, this table continues to be the place to be
id: 42302
Farhan is putting a lot of planning into his shot
id: 42303
Janelle also battles hackers
id: 42304
"So the thing about beer is.."
id: 42305
"Are you taking my picture??" "No."
id: 42306
I like to imagine Dan is letting loose a massive burp here
id: 42307
Guys, I took a lot of pool photos
id: 42308
James lines up another shot
id: 42309
Farhan doesn't seem too confident in this shot
id: 42310
Meanwhile, Mike went home and brought some cool lenses for me to play with!
id: 42311
Behold the power of the weird wide angle, full manual, Soviet lens
id: 42312
Henry, what do you think of this Soviet lens? I'm not distracting you am I?
id: 42313
The manual focus is a little tricky to get the hang of
id: 42314
More lifting!
id: 42315
James is out of control. But Ian seems to be having fun
id: 42316
Make way for the Spinning Swede!!
id: 42317
Eiwe's foot narrowly misses the camera in this shot captured by Mike
id: 42318
Let's try the 10-20mm lens!
id: 42320
Whoa. This lens has a little bit of barrel distortion
id: 42321
But it makes it pretty easy to capture a whole group!
id: 42322
Let's point and laugh at Artie
id: 42323
I think I interrupted something
id: 42324
10mm is ridiculously wide
id: 42325
Eiwe just wanted a Pepsi, but they wouldn't give it to him
id: 42326
Too in Kailey's face
id: 42327
Eiwe is not sure how he feels about Mike's red lens filter
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