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01/19/15 - I visit Vic, Amanda, and Bryce and take far too many pictures of the new kittens Sam and Dean

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id: 42379
There was some nice lighting on One World Trade Center in the morning on the way to work
id: 42380
Hi Dean
id: 42381
"Whoa! Cameras make weird sounds"
id: 42382
Sam wonders what's going on over here..
id: 42383
Whoa! A toy!
id: 42384
Telling Sam and Dean apart is a real challenge.. but this one is Dean
id: 42385
And this one is Sam
id: 42386
Dean is ready for his closeup
id: 42387
Wagh! Closeup
id: 42388
Dean is such an adventurer
id: 42389
"Wanna see me write stuff?"
id: 42390
Whoa! He can spell BNN!
id: 42391
Sam is sleepy
id: 42392
Along with all the cat photos, I asked Amanda to identify whoever the hell it is in this photo
id: 42393
Cats are so configurable
id: 42394
Watcha got there, Sam?
id: 42395
Run after the toy!
id: 42396
He got it!
id: 42397
Sam enjoys a good foot-scratching
id: 42398
Dean is super into whatever is happening
id: 42399
"Hey, what's this room all about"
id: 42400
Sam has a nice vantage point
id: 42401
id: 42402
Die, toy!!
id: 42403
Sam has a new perch
id: 42404
Carrying the toy around..
id: 42405
Time to take a break
id: 42406
Derp Dean
id: 42407
Slightly less derped dean
id: 42408
It's fun to watch cats
id: 42409
Vic likes playing with the kitties
id: 42410
Also with racing wheels!
id: 42411
Sam got himself "stuck" on the shower again. I think he'd come down.. eventually
id: 42412
Annalise is hard at work
id: 42413
"Watchoo talkin' about, TV?"
id: 42414
Welcome to good-cheesesteak, home of the good-cheesesteak, can I take your orrrrder?
id: 42415
Bryce would like some meat in bread, please
id: 42416
Whoa..... TV.
id: 42417
Such Vic, very notice
id: 42418
Who's ready to eat
id: 42419
This is a pretty good summary of the whole weekend
id: 42420
Various Nintendo products..
id: 42421
Sometimes I like to think of all the research and engineering that went into the technology that allowed me to take a photo like this and share it with you
id: 42422
Nooo, don't eat Dean!
id: 42423
Let's roll
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