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01/26/15 - Walking around in a snowstorm is fun, just don't slip or drop the camera!

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id: 42350
Welcome to beautiful New York City
id: 42351
There seems to be some sort of particulate matter falling from the sky
id: 42352
Well, we may as well get on with our commute home then
id: 42353
id: 42354
The snow is already pretty gross
id: 42355
Now that I'm safely home, I decided to immediately head out again with my camera wrapped in plastic
id: 42356
Plows are important
id: 42357
The shoveling isn't that bad!
id: 42358
So far the streets aren't too bad either
id: 42359
Will it get worse? Well.. a little.
id: 42360
The buses are still running
id: 42361
Cross cross cross
id: 42362
I'm sure these people are excited to get home and out of the snow
id: 42363
It's not very nice out
id: 42364
A snow blower seems like overkill in this weather
id: 42365
Last minute supplies have been acquired
id: 42366
I'm not entirely sure this guy has a neck
id: 42367
This is how the dinosaurs died
id: 42368
This is no time for bicycles
id: 42369
id: 42370
Ahh, safety from the snow under the 7 line
id: 42371
Snow refugees!
id: 42372
I really like this shot
id: 42373
Hey look, it's Queens Boulevard again
id: 42374
I wonder if this is the same plow..
id: 42375
Work can't just stop because of a little snow
id: 42376
I had a little snow on me by the end
id: 42377
This is how I captured those images without damaging my camera. Also, this is the first time I've been able to take advantage of having two camera. This was shot with the XSi!
id: 42378
Yes, those are shower caps.
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