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01/30/15 - Nate goes climbing and I follow him around with my camera

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id: 42433
The overhang part of the wall is pretty intimidating
id: 42434
I'll get up there someday!
id: 42435
The Chelsea Piers rock gym
id: 42436
Nate gets to work on the bouldering wall
id: 42437
The bouldering wall seems safer since it's lower, but you fall for real so it can mess you up
id: 42438
Climbing up around the overhang
id: 42439
id: 42440
Pretty tenuous grip
id: 42441
Ramping up for a jump
id: 42442
Nate explains his strategy
id: 42443
Starting again
id: 42444
It helps to be tall
id: 42445
Find your footing..
id: 42446
There is a lot of strategy and planning in bouldering
id: 42447
Also upper body strength
id: 42448
Getting ready to tackle the wall again
id: 42449
It's all about solid footing
id: 42450
The routes each have different ratings based on difficulty
id: 42451
Think you can do it?
id: 42452
Inside the bouldering cave stuff gets really crazy
id: 42453
Nate demonstrates how to get up to the crazy scoop thing
id: 42454
He says it's easier to grab that it looks.. but it looks pretty impossible
id: 42455
Back on the bouldering wall
id: 42456
Climbing is fun!
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