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02/13/15 - I join Omar and Liz for some pre-WaldoLAN shopping

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id: 42457
Buzz wonders where I'm going.. don't worry, I'll be back soon!
id: 42458
Business Omar
id: 42459
Liz is so excited!
id: 42460
Omar checks his prep list
id: 42461
Ready for the weekend?
id: 42462
Jason sets up his computer..
id: 42463
..and then takes a spin in the rift on the Monstertop!
id: 42464
Ready to go shopping?
id: 42465
id: 42466
id: 42467
"This is the improved road?"
id: 42468
That is a large shopping cart
id: 42469
So many shopping carts
id: 42470
Welcome to CostCo
id: 42471
Where to begin?
id: 42472
Whoa! Hi there.
id: 42473
Omar picks up a spare UPS
id: 42474
Liz seems overwhelmed
id: 42475
What's next?
id: 42476
How about a ton of juice
id: 42477
Hey Slappy, nice to finally meet you.
id: 42478
Slappy isn't interested in your "indoors"
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