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02/14/15 - WaldoLAN heads to the archery range for target practice

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id: 42549
Liz is excited for some archery
id: 42550
Amanda seems unsure
id: 42551
Erika's here and ready to shoot!
id: 42552
Our instructor today will be Omar's coworker Jim, who's been doing this for quite some time
id: 42553
This target has seen better days
id: 42554
It's a little chilly. Get your gloves on!
id: 42555
Jim has all the confidence in the world in our abilities.. but let's set up a backstop anyway
id: 42556
Erika looks cold
id: 42557
Explaining how we'll be shooting
id: 42558
This thing looks.. simple
id: 42559
New Jersey Gothic
id: 42560
Ready for some funnn
id: 42561
Archery gear
id: 42562
"Like this"
id: 42563
Omar gets his bow ready
id: 42564
Finger guards help a lot
id: 42565
id: 42566
Ready for archery
id: 42567
This is an excited bunch
id: 42568
Archery is fun
id: 42569
Jim demonstrates how far away to hold the bow
id: 42570
And away goes the arrow!
id: 42571
id: 42572
id: 42573
Ben lines up a shot
id: 42574
I managed to capture the very instant Omar let go of the arrow! You can see the motion blur on the arrow and string
id: 42575
Ben focuses on the target
id: 42576
id: 42577
Salim's up
id: 42578
Jim makes this look easy as he grabs another arrow from the quiver on his back
id: 42579
I think Salim likes this
id: 42580
Hey we're actually hitting the target!
id: 42581
Pulling out arrows
id: 42582
Ooo, what is this bow?
id: 42583
How to notch?
id: 42584
And it's free!
id: 42585
Amanda is ready to do her duty and take out the orc horde
id: 42586
Liz too
id: 42587
Erika seems unsure
id: 42588
Ahhh, don't shoot me, Liz!
id: 42589
Vic just looks so natural
id: 42590
Amanda looks like she could shoot some orcs
id: 42591
Everyone lined up and ready to go
id: 42592
Amanda gets ready to shoot
id: 42593
Line 'em up!
id: 42594
Vic had some trouble before he switched to shooting left-handed
id: 42595
It looks weird but he shot better
id: 42596
Salim's having fun
id: 42597
My turn to shoot!
id: 42598
What do you think, Erika?
id: 42599
Vic's form looks much better now!
id: 42600
Liz looks down the arrow at the target
id: 42601
Erika's turn
id: 42602
Vic looses another arrow
id: 42603
Liz thinks about her next shot
id: 42604
Omar, noooo!
id: 42605
Standing downrange.. don't shot me!
id: 42606
Coming back from the target with a fistful of arrows
id: 42607
Ready for another round?
id: 42608
Gathering equipment
id: 42609
Omar's ready to give people arrows whether they want them or not
id: 42610
Amanda's got pretty good form!
id: 42611
I caught Liz's arrow in mid-air!
id: 42612
Omar chases his equipment box
id: 42613
My turn again
id: 42614
Jim's arrow in mid-flight!
id: 42615
Grab another arrow..
id: 42616
And away it goes!
id: 42617
Two arrows in the air at once!
id: 42618
Even more arrows!
id: 42619
Gathering around the target
id: 42620
We synchronized our shots to get photos of arrows in the air
id: 42621
id: 42622
Jim looks like he belongs in a fantasy movie
id: 42623
Let's pack up
id: 42624
Well that was fun
id: 42625
Omar demonstrates how his bow is cracked
id: 42626
Oh god! He's comin' right for us!
id: 42627
Good day, Salim?
id: 42628
Now, back to our dark basement full of computers
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