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02/15/15 - WaldoLAN draws to a close with more games, and a baffling and freezing trip in the cold

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id: 42523
Hsien is back in the kitchen
id: 42524
Erika takes a spin in the rift. My camera even picked up the infrared LEDs under the plastic!
id: 42525
id: 42526
Gift time?
id: 42527
Liz opens my gift
id: 42528
It's Naga! The polar bear dog from The Legend of Korra!
id: 42529
I got Omar a giant D20 that flashes red when you roll a 20
id: 42530
Hanging out in the kitchen
id: 42531
Liz and Omar got me a lockpick kit and a couple locks! Cool!
id: 42532
A bunch of the lockpicking tools
id: 42533
Holy crap it is snowing a lot outside
id: 42534
Hsien hates the cold but hates not smoking more
id: 42535
It's not so bad
id: 42536
More confusing card games
id: 42537
id: 42538
Slappy does not understand human love
id: 42539
I convinced Vic, Amanda, and Omar to go on a "drunken stumble" around the block
id: 42540
It was so so cold. Omar goes sliding down the road
id: 42541
Vic's not sure why this was a good idea
id: 42542
Omar makes a beautiful snow angel
id: 42543
You can make it, Omar
id: 42544
These guys have a lot of complicated board games
id: 42545
Hsien's cooking again!
id: 42546
Time to pack up?
id: 42547
That's a lot of gear
id: 42548
That was a fun weekend!
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