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03/06/15 - PAX East 2015 Day 0 - Let's drive to Boston!

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id: 42687
This is a sad, sad teddy bear. At least he's got a drink?
id: 42688
Me, Goran, and his friend John crammed into the blueberry taxi
id: 42689
Hi John
id: 42690
What do you wanna eat??
id: 42691
The cube of health?
id: 42692
Goran chose to eat fresh
id: 42693
"Are you taking my picture?"
id: 42694
Rest stops are restful
id: 42695
And empty
id: 42696
I think John's ready to get back on the road
id: 42697
Goran is so cold. So very cold.
id: 42698
We made it!
id: 42699
What's up with these numbers all being at weird angles?
id: 42700
The obligatory hotel room shot
id: 42701
Oh yes. We are ready to game
id: 42702
Goran shows off his ridiculous top of the line electric toothbruth
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