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03/07/15 - PAX East 2015 - The big moment is finally here.. the Giant Bomb panel is upon us!

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id: 42765
This is the pre-line line next to the line for the League of Legends panel. It was confusing and crowded
id: 42766
John is ready to do what it takes to get a good seat
id: 42767
After the initial crunch, I took this photo, looking straight down, from inside the Giant Bomb panel blob
id: 42768
The line/blob
id: 42769
The League of Legends people are leaving!
id: 42770
Hey are seats are pretty good!
id: 42771
Nice view of the stage
id: 42772
Goran made this face when I admonished him for always making crazy faces
id: 42773
Hi John
id: 42774
Before the panel started I took a few photos from the front
id: 42775
This guy immediately engaged in a camera duel
id: 42776
Hey it's Alex and Dan! Nice bourbon bottle, Dan
id: 42777
Drew handled the video, which is cool but a shame because he couldn't participate in the panel
id: 42778
id: 42779
Jeff checks up on Alex and Dan
id: 42780
Jeff is so angry!
id: 42781
Taking questions..
id: 42782
Drew is an expert camera man
id: 42783
Watching videos on the big screen
id: 42784
Mr. Jeff Gerstmann, people
id: 42785
id: 42786
Dan is excited about this beer with his face on it
id: 42787
Jeff sticks to his preferred beverage: diet pepsi
id: 42788
Vinny is SHOCKED
id: 42789
Jeff strikes a pose
id: 42790
I think Alex is mostly thinking about Paxamania on Sunday
id: 42791
Brad wants to turn his apartment into levels
id: 42792
There's that Jeff crazy-eye I've come to love
id: 42793
It's still pretty bizarre seeing these guys in person after seeing them online for years
id: 42794
Eric Pope asked everyone to leave.. except Dan?
id: 42795
What is going on here?
id: 42796
Is this seriously an intervention?
id: 42797
Mr. Pope is pretty excited about this
id: 42798
In an effort to get Dan to act more adult, they're going to do a game show where the adult answers gets Dan the opportunity to win Dave Lang's actual money!
id: 42799
id: 42800
John Drake steps in to host the game
id: 42801
Dave Lang kept pulling out stack of real money (seen falling to the table here) and casually dropping them
id: 42802
Yes, it's all one dollar bills.. but a thousand of them!
id: 42803
John Drake adds to the stack
id: 42804
In the end Dan got the full $1000 but it was harder to catch the flying bills than he imagined
id: 42805
Come on, man!
id: 42806
The exact moment that Jeff said that to maintain journalistic integrity, Dan would have to return the money. Luckily it was only about eight bucks in the end.
id: 42807
Jeff reads excerpts from Tim Allen's autobiography
id: 42808
If you thought gamers had some misogynistic tendencies, just check out Tim Allen's book. Holy crap.
id: 42809
Jeff tore a bunch of pages out of the book and got in the money booth
id: 42810
But they didn't quite close the door..
id: 42811
Goran asked a question! Oystah Bay!
id: 42812
Hi Drew!
id: 42813
Time for the contract signing for the wrestling event on Sunday.. apparently this is a thing in Wrestling?
id: 42814
Dan, or whatever his alter ego is named, is ready
id: 42815
But so is not-Alex
id: 42816
Dan has signed the contract!
id: 42817
Alex isn't so sure..
id: 42818
Threats and bold claims were made..
id: 42819
I forget who this is, but he's also in on the wrestling madness
id: 42820
Sadly I did not get a good picture of Dan's drop kick or of Dr. Tracksuit.. so this is the best you get
id: 42821
Goran got this shot of me saying hi to Drew to thank / accuse him for getting me into F1!
id: 42822
Go Red Bull! Thanks Drew!
id: 42823
Jeff took a good hit off of my sharpie before signing the Skip Rogers VHS I brought
id: 42824
Jeff signing my ridiculous Skip Rogers gaming VHS
id: 42825
Getting a photo with Brad!
id: 42826
I told Dan "Never change" and he laughed and said OK
id: 42827
I got the entire crew to sign the VHS! Jeff, Brad, Alex, Dan, Drew, Vinny
id: 42828
Photos with Jeff!
id: 42829
Photos with John Drake! Who I'm calling honorary Vinny cause I didn't get a photo with Vinny and he's the only Bombcast guy I missed
id: 42830
Photos with Alex! He said it was very confusing seeing himself but trying to look at the lens
id: 42831
Jeff hung around to talk to some fans outside the room
id: 42832
Drew too
id: 42833
Brad seems so sad!
id: 42834
Jeff is an enormous dude. When I put my arm around him for the photo I realized just how tall he is
id: 42835
Vinny! Why didn't I get a photo wiht you!
id: 42836
Drew and Alex talking to fans
id: 42837
Alex and John do some sort of wrestling thing
id: 42838
And then chat a little!
id: 42839
Jeff's going to shake this guy's hand but Goran thought this photo looked like he was stealing his cup
id: 42840
Drew won't judge Owen's horrible mustache. He just signed his N64 game
id: 42841
Dan seems like he's just getting started on a great night
id: 42842
On the way out we saw these guys rocking on
id: 42843
Critiquing the rocking?
id: 42844
I met this guy while waiting for the shuttle bus. He makes cool music on gameboys
id: 42845
With this crazy interface!
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