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03/08/15 - PAX East 2015 Guest Batch! I handed my old camera to Goran and Topaz for the weekend. How did they do?

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id: 42930
Hello Boston
id: 42931
Ah ha, part two of the camera duel from the Day 1 batch
id: 42932
Goran hasn't quite gotten a hang of the autofocus points. Hi John
id: 42933
Owen playing some smash.. and my various camera gear
id: 42934
The bus was boring
id: 42935
Goran thought this was Beany! But it was not, so it's extra creepy
id: 42936
Broken window?
id: 42937
Construction equipment!
id: 42938
The rare triple umlaut
id: 42939
Sketchy-ass valet
id: 42940
What's up with the C?
id: 42941
Boston was cold
id: 42942
The main expo floor!
id: 42943
Nerds everywhere
id: 42944
Monster Hunter crazies
id: 42945
Goran was all about the Soda Drinker Pro guys
id: 42946
Is the guy in the front conducting?
id: 42947
Goran found this Half Life 3 disc and didn't even take it!
id: 42948
The expo floor is pretty cool
id: 42949
So many little booths
id: 42950
It really puts the anime cons in perspective
id: 42951
This theater is gigantic! I am on the edge of it!
id: 42952
Goran's lunch?
id: 42953
Whoa, this photo came out pretty cool
id: 42954
The blue hair is on its last legs
id: 42955
Puyo Puyo Tetris!
id: 42956
I think this was the first photo in Topaz's group of photos
id: 42957
Starting off right by shooting Mirabella!
id: 42958
Topaz liked the wide angle lens but did not get to keep it
id: 42959
I looked at the posters from Supergiant so I could find something for Bryce
id: 42960
Which one did I get? It's a mystery!
id: 42961
Bastion is not bad
id: 42962
Whoa. That is a lot of mini figures
id: 42963
I'm assuming this is another League controller
id: 42964
Hi Goran
id: 42965
Loafing around in the hallways
id: 42966
I bet Brian was doing a lot of streetpassing
id: 42967
I'm not sure who these panelists are
id: 42968
Probably more League stuff. So much League stuff.
id: 42969
The catwalk is a great place to take photos of the expo floor
id: 42970
Neat structures
id: 42971
These guys are big fans of Princess Celestia
id: 42972
Brian wants the crazy triangle computer
id: 42973
id: 42974
Creepy aliens
id: 42975
Lots of hardware in the sky
id: 42976
Beanbag town is comfy!
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