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03/11/15 - After a cold winter we finally get a warm day. Time to do a little photo shooting on the way to work!

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id: 43001
That's a lot of scaffolding
id: 43002
Cozy nook?
id: 43003
A typical corner in New York City
id: 43004
id: 43005
Where are all the Citi bikes?
id: 43006
The omnipresent sidewalk shed
id: 43007
That's an old TV
id: 43008
Aw. Couldn't find someplace warmer to hang out?
id: 43009
This mailbox has seen some shit
id: 43010
I bet it's a lot nicer doing construction in this weather
id: 43011
The Google NYC building
id: 43012
Looking uptown
id: 43013
Bagels and coffee!
id: 43014
Scary truck graffiti
id: 43015
This building has several portholes
id: 43016
Cleaning off the winter gunk
id: 43017
Ew. More "snow"
id: 43018
I don't know what the hell this thing is, but today it has a balloon on it which wasn't there yesterday
id: 43019
Blue on blue
id: 43020
When I moved to NYC this building had barely started construction
id: 43021
Looking downtown from near work
id: 43022
Shapes and lines
id: 43023
This looks too nice to be graffiti
id: 43024
Emergency gnome?
id: 43025
id: 43026
Don't get hit by taxis!
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