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03/14/15 - Goran and I visit Vic and Amanda to hang out and pick up my new desktop "Bebop"

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id: 42977
That's right, folks. The most Vic thing to ever happen. Color bars... on... laser disc.
id: 42978
It's glorious
id: 42979
This laser disc is gigantic!
id: 42980
Vic is on the edge of it!
id: 42981
It's hard to not laugh at how ridiculously huge it is
id: 42982
id: 42983
The remote for the laser disc player is intense. It doesn't really look it here but it's enormous
id: 42984
Test patterns!
id: 42985
Time for breakfast
id: 42986
Goran has never been to Wawa!
id: 42987
Amanda has
id: 42988
Goran is so excited. Not really. Maybe a little.
id: 42989
How do you order?
id: 42990
Through touch screen magic!
id: 42991
One of the unidentifiable cats stood on Goran for a little
id: 42992
Vic has several con badges
id: 42993
It's my new gaming rig, Bebop!
id: 42994
Look at that beast!
id: 42995
So many USB ports
id: 42996
Vic signed the inside of the case for me
id: 42997
Part of the VicBond007 signature series!
id: 42998
Let's pack it up
id: 42999
Box of boxes
id: 43000
Oh right. New York.
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