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04/02/15 - Anime Boston 2015, back from my hiatus, let's set this con up!

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id: 43027
Jefferson's wallet puts even George Costanza to shame
id: 43028
Hey Jefferson!
id: 43029
Boston has some nice skyscrapers. And since they're not all packed on top of each other you can actually see them!
id: 43030
Glad to see the triangular banner is still a thing
id: 43031
Registration braces themselves for the storm
id: 43032
Good luck, guys
id: 43033
Last minute sign preparations
id: 43034
Radio Ops has a lot of work at the very start and end of the con.. also the rest of the con
id: 43035
Tech Ops!
id: 43036
Mike Lee's equipment corner
id: 43037
Main Events is coming together
id: 43038
I love the tri-screen setup
id: 43039
I wonder how long it took to set this up
id: 43040
Looks nearly ready to go!
id: 43041
These guys run the show here in Main Events
id: 43042
Camera platform
id: 43043
Tech Ops people are the most helpful epople
id: 43044
Signs drying everywhere!
id: 43045
Hey I know that logo
id: 43046
So empty..
id: 43047
id: 43048
id: 43049
id: 43050
Mystery boxes?
id: 43051
Look out for Godzilla
id: 43052
Hall D needs a little more work than Main Events
id: 43053
Nice.. elephant?
id: 43054
Chair army
id: 43055
Meanwhile, back in Main Events..
id: 43056
Behind the screen there's even more gear!
id: 43057
What is all this stuff?
id: 43058
Anime Boston's LED strip is a little bigger than mine
id: 43059
So many radios!
id: 43060
The Dealers Room is coming together too
id: 43061
My people!
id: 43062
Wandering through back hallways trying to find the loading dock
id: 43063
One fresh case of anime
id: 43064
Moving some stuff
id: 43065
Moving lots of stuff
id: 43066
Ready to move some stuff?
id: 43067
Pick up that stuff!
id: 43068
That's a big stuff!
id: 43069
Who loves moving stuff??
id: 43070
id: 43071
These things are a lot lighter than they look
id: 43072
No not really, we're just super strong
id: 43073
I have no idea what this is
id: 43074
Flipping more boxes
id: 43075
This guy actually does this for a job and was pretty good about not mercilessly mocking us
id: 43076
Bolting together the trusses
id: 43077
Do a good job!
id: 43078
This box was just full of Magic cards!
id: 43079
id: 43080
These things hang on the trusses
id: 43081
Attaching clamp things
id: 43082
Everyone grab a light or whatever
id: 43083
Boxes are convenient truss-holders
id: 43084
These cables are backups for the clamps
id: 43085
Moving boxes
id: 43086
id: 43087
This guy was another one of the pros. He was.. unique. Pretty cool dude though
id: 43088
Giant inter-speaker connectors
id: 43089
Attaching stuff to the truss
id: 43090
How do you attach speakers to trusses?
id: 43091
Lots of stuff go on these trusses
id: 43092
JDI guy supervises
id: 43093
Lots of heavy connectors
id: 43094
For heavy gear!
id: 43095
Sitting under this made me nervous
id: 43096
Lights, speakers, lots of stuff
id: 43097
Be one with the equipment
id: 43098
Got to do a good job so stuff doesn't fall off..
id: 43099
Giant cables now!
id: 43100
So many laptops.. this is how the sign system works. Seems like overkill..
id: 43101
Prepping the Anime Boston blimp
id: 43102
Time for a 3DS break
id: 43103
Mike Lee never rests
id: 43104
Security guys on the loose
id: 43105
This seat reserved for squids
id: 43106
Here comes the blimp!
id: 43107
So many staffers
id: 43108
Of course, Tech had to step in and fix the audio setup
id: 43109
Our Ombudsman is a special fairy
id: 43110
Mike Lee does his version of a pep talk
id: 43111
Ready to go!
id: 43112
First cosplay of the year! Nice Kirito
id: 43113
Weird shots as the elevator doors close
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