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04/03/15 - Anime Boston 2015 Day 1, bring on the cosplayers!

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id: 43114
Everyone learn your schedule
id: 43115
Kiki! My favorite Ghibli character
id: 43116
Whoa. This is intense
id: 43117
Metal Gear crew!
id: 43118
Too many Zubats
id: 43119
id: 43120
Kirito and Asuna
id: 43121
Freddie.. Mercury?
id: 43122
Male Robin is still Robin which makes this guy cool
id: 43123
These guys did a great job and stayed in character
id: 43124
Nice costume! Too bad about the snowman
id: 43125
Spy vs Spy!
id: 43126
id: 43127
Nice sword, Lucina. I mean Marth. I mean Lucina.
id: 43128
Kaji and Misato!
id: 43129
That is some intimidating hardware, Madoka people
id: 43130
Nice quiet corner for catching up on the internet
id: 43131
Sign debugging
id: 43132
These guys did a great panel on performing music for anime
id: 43133
They actually did the score to several shows
id: 43134
Guitars are fun
id: 43135
They couldn't easily bring all the drums, so the percussion guy just went to town on a guitar case
id: 43136
I don't know how they play these things with no frets or indicators..
id: 43137
I played violin a little in 3rd grade. It's hard.
id: 43138
Go guitar guy go
id: 43139
Violin guy's having fun
id: 43140
Guitar guy broke out of the hospital to do this panel. He's crazy.
id: 43141
Other guitar guy doesn't have any cool hospital story
id: 43142
A cello is like a giant violin, right?
id: 43143
id: 43144
Let the panel begin
id: 43145
More music!
id: 43146
Drum guy won't let a lack of drums hold him back
id: 43147
Josh will be mad at me for not knowing which Zelda characters these are
id: 43148
Don't make eye contact!
id: 43149
Vash dances his way through the Dealer's Room
id: 43150
Snake snaps a selfie with.. most of Dragon Ball Z
id: 43151
Awesome cosplay group!
id: 43152
So many posters
id: 43153
id: 43154
Scout and Heavy!
id: 43155
Haha, this Unit 02 is cool but its expression made me laugh
id: 43156
The Hynes isn't beating around the bush anymore. They know their audience
id: 43157
I haven't even played Five Nights at Freddie's and I don't like this
id: 43158
Cool lightup wings
id: 43159
Awesome pony cosplay group!
id: 43160
A classic
id: 43161
Josh loves burritos
id: 43162
"They got the marker on my burrito!
id: 43163
The hotel had a fire alarm while I was trying to take a nap
id: 43164
id: 43165
Ugly buildings
id: 43166
Beany's heeeere!
id: 43167
And she's excited!!
id: 43168
Spiffy camera
id: 43169
Whoa, what's up with your eyes
id: 43170
Anime Boston banner!
id: 43171
Beany is a lady of many faces
id: 43172
Such as this one
id: 43173
She also draws them
id: 43174
The local bars know their audience
id: 43175
This cat lives in a wine shop!
id: 43176
This wine shop
id: 43177
Beany likes socks
id: 43178
This is the novelization... of Equestria Girls
id: 43179
id: 43180
This is a pretty great t-shirt
id: 43181
Well that was fun
id: 43182
Camera duel!
id: 43183
Ahh! Flash!
id: 43184
Ladies and gentlemen.. Jefferson.
id: 43185
There was an unusual number of wrestling cosplayers this year
id: 43186
The Japanese band was pretty cool
id: 43187
I just stuck around for a few minutes
id: 43188
Nothing more permanent than a lock on a chain link fence
id: 43189
Suz is having a rough night
id: 43190
Josh isn't
id: 43191
This is Beany when she doesn't make a crazy face at the last second
id: 43192
Where did these choco pies come from??
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