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04/05/15 - Anime Boston 2015 comes to a close. Sunday, teardown, and dead dog

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id: 43283
This is what happens if you give anime nerds a pen and paper
id: 43284
Tsk tsk
id: 43285
Whoa, Anime Boston has pretty cool trophies
id: 43286
Captain(s) America!
id: 43287
Matt the Mat made me an awesome Americano!
id: 43288
Coffee magic
id: 43289
Blair posing in the hallway
id: 43290
I caught A-chan at a bad time as she came back for lunch, but she still posed for me!
id: 43291
Ahhh!! Don't catch him!
id: 43292
Hall D, you've changed!
id: 43293
Yikes, I don't want that job. And watch your head..
id: 43294
Putting the trusses away
id: 43295
It looks so empty!
id: 43296
Careful when taking the screen down
id: 43297
Don't let it touch the floor!
id: 43298
Laying a tarp down to make screen folding easier
id: 43299
Fold it a few times and it'll fit no problem
id: 43300
So many cables on this truss
id: 43301
Scaffolding pieces
id: 43302
Strap it all together so it doesn't fall apart
id: 43303
Still a few cosplayers around!
id: 43304
Packing up another room
id: 43305
The ol' ball of gaffer tape
id: 43306
A rare moment to rest as we wait for orders from Tech Ops
id: 43307
Nothing is more relaxing than teardown
id: 43308
I love anima!
id: 43309
I thought my camera glitched out at first, but no, that is a microphone windshield thing on his nose
id: 43310
Everyone listen!
id: 43311
It's weird seeing so many people lying around Tech Ops
id: 43312
Just a testament to how far ahead of schedule we were!
id: 43313
Hi Andyi!
id: 43314
I made some origami while on shift..
id: 43315
Nice headband
id: 43316
Bo! Or was it Beau? Who knows
id: 43317
Coordinating teardown is a tough job
id: 43318
How do you tear a screen down without breaking it?
id: 43319
First, get way too many bored staffers
id: 43320
Then stand around and take pictures while other people do it!
id: 43321
id: 43322
The screen material is very sensitive
id: 43323
This looks safe
id: 43324
There was quite a line for the cargo elevator
id: 43325
Where's that box going?
id: 43326
Where are those boxes going??
id: 43327
It's all going to the staging area and then the truck
id: 43328
This year's program guide
id: 43329
Jefferson's enjoying his new 3ds
id: 43330
Until he got caught up in this dramatic reenactment
id: 43331
Time to tell stories of cons of the past and wait for the dead dog to start
id: 43332
Mike Lee comes back for his usually more upbeat post-con pep talk. Good job everyone!
id: 43333
The Dude abides
id: 43334
Dead Dog!
id: 43335
It's pretty much like any other big party except there are more anime things around
id: 43336
My Little Alley: Bowling is Magic?
id: 43337
I love this game.. whatever it's called
id: 43338
id: 43339
Skeeball is hard
id: 43340
One last look around..
id: 43341
See you all next year!
id: 43342
Jefferson likes the C table
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